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Boardwalk Empire Belated Review Episode 4: Margaret Steals The Show


You can thank the Phillies and Eagles for the late Boardwalk Empire Review this week. Myself, like many people in the Philadelphia region were glued to our TV sets on Sunday night and flipping back and forth between both games. Sorry, but priorities are priorities!

Episode 4 of Boardwalk Empire entitled "Anastasia" picked up right where Episode 3 left off - with Jimmy Darmody now in Chicago after Nucky forced him to leave. This came on the heels of Van Alden discovering he was implicated in the massacre in the woods.

Al Capone Is One Sick Dude...

I once had a friend in high school who was known to prank people by pulling out a fake gun and putting it to their heads when they made the mistake of passing out at one of his parties. Al Capone seems to agree that this is a clever prank, but he took it just a tad further. Jimmy is sound asleep in a room inside a brothel when Al walks in with a gun. He tells the young lady (sleeping in bed with Jimmy) to keep quiet when he plants the gun to Jimmy's head then he shoots it directly by head into the pillow. This didn't go over too well with Jimmy, but honestly what is he going to do to Al?

Nucky Tells His Men to Respect Chalky

Boardwalk Empire does a great job of capturing the racial tension of the times. Nucky recognizes the importance of appealing to African American voters in these hard Chalky Whitetimes. Chalky White (played by "The Wire" co-star Michael Kenneth Williams) also understands this and they have a symbiotic relationship based on this "bond." Nucky's men do not seem to care, nor are willing to care. They like many of their counterparts feel that black people are third-rate citizens. He makes it clear to them that they understand the importance of being on Chalky's good side - or else.

Chalky Gets Some Revenge

A Klan Leader of the Atlantic County Ku Klux Klan is holding court when Nucky's men come in and take him away. Chalky has him all to himself when he tells a very deep, emotional story about his father who was murdered by racist white men. Chalky pulls out his father's tools and the Klan Leader asks, what he will do with those tools. Chalky, responds, "I ain't building no bookcase." We find out a little later that the Klan Leader wasn't responsible for the hanging of Chalky's guy and he is also down one finger. He may not have gotten the guy, but he tortured the same type of heinous individual who murdered his father.

Capone and Jimmy Show Their Weight

Torrio has Capone and Jimmy represent his interests when Sheridan comes in for a sit-down. Feeling insulted by having to speak to Torrio's underlings, Capone makes it clear they are no joke. He tells Sheridan to give up 50% and he agrees with no fight whatsoever. Suddenly we see just how much clout Torrio (and Capone for that matter) really does have.

Margaret Steals the Show at Nucky's Birthday Bash

Nucky has quite the birthday bash and has Senator Edge as a special guest. He introduces him to Margaret (Kelly MacDonald) who gets into it with him about womens' right to vote. This is the scene of the show when Margaret makes it a point to tell Senator Edge that pretty much every civilized nation grants women the right to vote, but why not in America, which is supposedly the bastion of freedom? Edge says they want to protect women, but Margaret isn't having any of that. She retorts by saying women can withold something near and dear to men; alcohol.  It's clear that Margaret is gaining more of a presence in the show now. Her storyline is quite compelling to say the least. Chalky may have had the line of the show thus far, but Margaret had the best scene last night.

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