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Vampire Diaries Episode 5 Recap


Prior to Thursday night's new Vampire Diaries  episode, Philly2Philly's Diane Cooney will recap the previous week's events. Feel free to join in, or debate, just keep it clean. That means no blood!!

The Vampire Diaries open with another flashback - the Emerald Coast of Florida, one year ago…The Vampire Diaries photo: Courtesy of CW.

Mason’s having a drink at a bar and as he heads back to his car, Jimmy - someone he knows, accosts him. The guy lays into him, accusing him of fooling around with this girlfriend. The guy grabs Mason by the neck – so Mason’s survival instincts kick in. Unfortunately, that resulted in Jimmy getting knocked to the ground – his skull making a sickening crack against the asphalt.

The scene jumps back to the present day at the Lockwood mansion – and Tyler says, “Wait, the guy died, you killed him?”. Poor Mason – it doesn’t matter that it was self-defense – “it triggered the curse”. Mason warns Tyler – to be careful – since even an accident will set off the curse. Tyler goes through a ruse – pretending to know where the moonstone is – but it’s not in the little hidden compartment in the floor. Elena updates Jeremy on the Lockwood clan. He is surprised to hear that Tyler’s not a werewolf. She asks him to stay out of it. How likely is that?

Stefan is hiding in Elena’s bedroom, so they are able to catch up since they are supposed to be broken up. The fake fighting is taking a toll on them – so Stefan comes up with a sweet code, “I can’t do this anymore Elena, what I’ll really mean, is I love you.” Is it his over hundred years of experience that makes him such a smooth operator?

Caroline and Liz have an awkward mother daughter chat - Liz took the day off to hang out at some Founder’s Park opening event. She asked why Elena was there so late – so Caroline has to make up a story to cover for Katherine’s presence. To cover up the fact that her mom is hip to some of her changes – Caroline takes the mean route.

Tyler hands over the moonstone, since Mason held up his end of the deal.

Stefan introduces himself to Mason, as the “nice one”. He apologizes for Damon’s stupid attack on Mason – trying to play up that they all have things to lose if the fighting continues. Mason’s not having any of this – and tells Stefan that Damon has to watch his back. Stefan counters with, “There’s two of us….I think you’re the one who needs to watch his back.” That seems to get through – and Mason says, “If he comes at me…” Stefan says he won’t and they shake on it.

Damon is bummed to hear that Stefan tried to patch things up with Mason. Stefan warns him that Mason’s probably going to try and kill Damon and then Stefan during the next full moon. I think the scenes between the brothers keep getting better… and I think its now a bit unfair that Mr. Somerhalder gets all the love.

Over at the grille, Jeremy’s going homework and goes over to check on Tyler who’s brooding over burger. Tyler invites a two of their classmates over to party at his house since his mother’s off at the park event for the day.

Mason approaches Liz about the council – and he outs Damon and Stefan. She defends Damon (must be the only one). She says she can prove that he’s wrong.

Liz chats with Damon, and seems upset and worried- since he’s being uncharacteristically nice.Vampire Diaries photo: http://www.daemonstv.com/2010/09/29/the-vampire-diaries-memory-lane-season-2-episode-4/

Elena is talking to Caroline – and keeps up the pretense about her fight with Stefan. He looks at her from across the park, and she walks over to him. I thought this was a weird fight – but I think it was mostly about giving the eavesdropping vamps some additional misinformation. They wrapped up the fight with their secret code. Damon perked up of course.

Tyler’s playing host and mixing drinks and one of the girls discovers Jeremy sketchbook of werewolf art. Tyler lures Jeremy into the library, and throttles him – while he demands to know why Jeremy’s drawing wolves. Jeremy tells him he knows and Tyler finally releases him. Murderous near miss #1 for the young Lockwood.

Mason and Damon had some silly conversation about nice being overrated but I wasn’t really paying attention. I was just enjoying the view. Stefan comes over to make sure Damon hasn’t created a bigger problem – and Damon calls him on the fight with Elena, he perceptively notes that they don’t fight...especially over him. A young girl offers Damon a glass of lemonade, he takes a gulp - and spits it out, coughing. It was laced with vervain. Liz watches from afar, she has the proof she needs. Elena and Caroline have another fight over the fake breakup. Damon’s ready to go after Mason, and Stefan agrees that Mason poses a long-term threat. They seem Mason walking deeper into the woods, and they follow.

Liz leaves – and Caroline is annoyed – but also is suspicious. Caroline heads to higher ground, so she can hear better. I like this new Caroline – she is adapting to her new skills – and is it me, or does she seem a bit smarter now? Perhaps she’s no longer wasting her intellect on the frivolity of her high school social life.

The Salvatore sibs confront Mason, how drops to the ground as they are shot. I gotta say – guys – where was the vampy speed when you needed it? I can understand Damon getting shot fist, but Stefan, you didn’t hear the bullets in time? Liz and her deputies inject the guys with vervain.

Jeremy shares with Tyler what he’s learned reading the journals of his Gilbert ancestor. The journals discuss the Lockwood werewolf curse. After Matt’s wolf bites occurring shortly after Mason’s arrival into town, Jeremy wants to know if it’s true. Tyler surprised me – he confides into Jeremy, that Mason is a werewolf – and he explains how the curse works. Tyler then shows Jeremy the moonstone. Mason and Liz bring the brothers to the old slaves quarters. Liz tries to get Mason to leave – “for his own protection”. Mason leaves. Elena and Caroline are trying to find the guys – when Caroline sees a blood trail. Mason appears – feeling cocky that he bested the brothers. He underestimates Caroline’s strength – I think my favorite part was when she kicked him into a tree.

Liz starts her integration by shooting Damon in the leg. She shoots him again… and she warns him that she will drag out the process. He protests, “but you’re my friend.” Caroline hears the shots – but she’s afraid her mother will find out the truth.

Elena races down to the save them – and interrupts the proceedings for a moment. Liz isn’t going to stop for her – but things get crazy as a blond blur races around taking out the deputies. I don’t think anyone wears the bloody smile as well as she does. There’s a ferociousness to her attack that’s amazing. Her mom of course, is horrified to see what has become of her daughter. Damon is feasting away, so he’s back to normal pretty quickly. Stefan, due to his strict bunny diet, is still weak. Damon scares everyone – but announces that Liz is his friend, so the gang decides that some vervain and a compulsion will be the best way to deal with her, so she doesn’t remember what happened.

Jeremy and Tyler talk about the moonstone – which is supposed to have supernatural properties – but they did not go into any details. The drunken classmates come in, grab the stone and play an annoying game of hot potato. Tyler accidentally knocks his classmate down the flight of stairs and for a moment I thought – wow. That was quick – but fortunately, probably because she was hammered – she was fine. Hopefully Tyler will have learned his lesson and be more careful from now on.

Back at the Salvatore house – Stefan is thinking about starting up a small human blood regime – because he’s not strong enough to fight Katherine. Caroline doesn’t want to leave the Salvatore house. She admits that Katherine has been threatening her – that she’ll hurt Matt. It figures that Katherine picked the person who means the most to her…. and someone who still means a great deal to Elena as well….though you couldn’t really tell by the expression on her face!

Mason checks on the sheriff, and then Tyler tells him about his near miss with the classmate and the staircase. Tyler comes into the give him the moonstone.

Elena tells Damon that his treatment of Liz was like the old Damon. He tells her that Stefan is right to change his diet. Between Katherine sipping vervain, and her bloodlust, there will be no easy way to stop her. Elena comes back to Stefan, and offers to provide the blood supply he needs. Does anyone else think this may create an advantage for him? Maybe there’s something extra special about Elena’s blood that will come in handy when he faces Katherine.

Mason meets up with Katherine and gives her the moonstone. The episode ends with another flashback – to Katherine coming up to Mason after he killed Jimmy in the parking lot. She orchestrated the fight so Mason would activate the curse. I hope he’s not the one going to be killed off this year. There will be a long line of people who want her dead.


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