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Jackass Makes A Comeback And Comic Book Nerds Rejoice As Well With 'Red'


Jim Teti's Box Office Weekend Wrap-upJackass 3D photo courtesy of Paramount.

Apparently, stupid + "3D" = gold, as was shockingly evident in this weekend’s box office totals. Jackass 3-D blew the rest out of the water with $50 million in bone crunching receipts. Even with the inflatable cost of that irritating third dimension bulking up the gross, that’s still a ridiculous figure. Congrats to Johnny Knoxville and Middle America for making all our dreams come true on that front. Red, the superior film of the bunch, still opened decently with $22 million, but sadly registers as a disappointment considering the large comic book fan base.

In other Top 5 news, David Fincher’s underdog hit The Social Network added another $11 million Facebook friends, hanging strong at 63 million. Apparently, people either dig Diane Lane or horses or both because Secretariat added another $9 million to the horse race, a percentage drop that wasn’t too steep when compared to the film’s opening gross a week back. Life as We Know It expectedly dropped half of its chick flick audience, but some ladies managed to con their boyfriends into the mix ( likely in exchange for getting some later), as that film accrued $9 million, bringing the grand total to $28.9. Finally, last week’s horror flick My Soul to Take possessed another $3 million, and with the final gross standing at $11.9 million, we can pretty much declare this one a bomb on all fronts.

So what about next week? Well, Paranormal Activity, the surprise horror hit from last Halloween, will officially unleash its sequel upon the masses. The first was a huge success, turning profits of over $100 million. However, horror’s track record has been pathetic so far this year, so there’s a good chance this will underperform, likely opening big then dropping like a rock. For those looking for a little more drama, Clint Eastwood’s  latest film, Hereafter, will open, starring Matt Damon  as a spiritual healer who communicates with the dead. Which one will end up on top next weekend?

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