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Boardwalk Empire Episode 5 Recap: Margaret Sticks It To Nucky


First off, after receiving some feedback we are now calling this what it is; a recap. When we covered Boardwalk Empire, we originally "reviewed it", but now it has morphed into a weekly recap. Thanks to those who emailed us and made us see the light.

Now, onto the recap of Episode 5. We're late again this week and you can thank The Phillies for that. Seems like their playoff games are on every Sunday night now.

Episode 5 of Boardwalk Empire entitled "Nights in Ballygran" takes place before and during St. Patrick's Day.

Margaret Gets The Cold Shoulder From Nucky

Nucky and his brother Eli are meeting downstairs of the hotel for a breakfast meeting when Margaret requests some time with Nucky. She even brings some soda bread for him. Nucky blows her off and tells her to leave it with the lobby and to come back another time - he's too busy to meet with her. Feeling dejected, Margaret tosses the soda bread into the trash and you can see the steam pouring out of her ears. She has a thing for Nucky and got treated like a rag doll. Later on Margaret sees first-hand that Nucky is a "professional liar" when she tests him by asking him how the soda bread was. He tells her it was "good" - a boldface lie of course.

The Little Guys Want Their Piece of the Pie

A group of dwarfs are disgusted with being exploited for a measley $5 a person. A faction of the performers are fed up and say they're quitting after being asked to dress up like Leprachauns for the St. Patrick's Day Party for Nucky and his cronies. One of the men says they should demand a raise -  to the tune of $10 a man and they oblige. To their "leader's" disappointment - Nucky refuses to acquiesce.

Margaret Goes to Van Alden For Help

Margaret is fed up with the shenanigans going on behind her home at night and goes to Agent Van Alden about it after being blown off by Nucky again. Van Alden explains to her that this is a losing battle as there are hundreds of illegal outfits furnishing alcohol in Atlantic City. Van Alden's interest is piqued when Margaret tells him that one of Nucky's guys (Ward Boss Neary) was in charge of supervising the beer deliveries to the Hall. This sets the stage for a showdown on St. Patty's Day between Van Alden and Nucky, et al.

Jimmy's "Girlfriend" Is on Borrowed Time

Jimmy has a thing for the young lady of the evening (Pearl) who he shacked up with in Chi-town. After she had her face slashed, she was rendered all but useless to her boss. Her boss demands $100 a day from Jimmy or she has to go. He gives her a few days to move out. Pearl wastes little time telling Jimmy she loves him. He wants to say it to her, but it's too late when Pearl accidentally shoots herself in the head when under the influence of heroin.

Rothstein Is Fed Up With Horsebleep

Rothstein's lawyer tells his client that when the papers say bad stuff about you, you treat it like horsebleep. You don't just wipe it off right away -  you wait for it to dry, then you brush it off gradually. Rothstein wants none of this. He's still taking heat for the 1919 Blacksox Gambling Scandal. It was Rothstein's only scene, but one hell of a scene.

The Showdown on St. Patty's Day

Eli gets a lesson on what it's like to be taken seriously. He wants to be the man, but embarrasses himself when he gives a speech at the table. Later on Nucky tells him to learn the bleeping language! The festivities are interrupted by Van Alden and his men. He tells everybody to stand still and makes it clear that if anybody moves, they will be shot and no questions asked. Van Alden asks for Ward Boss Neary. Nucky's statement about St. Patty's Day never rang more true than this particular day. "I love being Irish," Nucky quips back. "What I hate is the yearly display of crying, arguing and public drunkenness that goes along with it." After they are thrown out of the hall, Margaret and Nucky lock eyes. He knows who was behind this. That's Nucky's punishment for blowing off Margaret.

Nucky and Margaret Hook Up

Finally, Nucky gives in and pays Margaret a visit at night. She opens the door and it's on. They embrace and finally hook up. One way or another, Margaret is the one who gets what she wants. This is sure to piss off Margaret's hated rival Lucy Danziger who humiliated Margaret in Episode 3.

Look for Margaret and Lucy's rivalry to heat up next week in Episode 6.

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