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Boardwalk Empire Episode 6 Recap: Jimmy Becomes A Man Like Michael Corleone


In Episode 6 of Boardwalk Empire, entitled "Family Limitation" we bore witness to the best episode yet. When you compare last night's episode to Episode 5, it really is like comparing apples to oranges. Not that episode 5 was bad, but this one was just so great. Every great TV Show has that first great episode which propels it to the big-time and Episode 6 was that one. There are many scenes in this episode which will be talked about for years to come.

Now the recap...

Margaret becomes the centerpiece of the show, Al Capone shows his softer side, and Jimmy became a man. And, the ending which will be talked about all week long was bizarre, creepy, and shocking.

Margaret Gets Hooked Up By Nucky

Nucky sets Margaret Schroeder up with one hell of an apartment in an exclusive area of town. She's now living amongst the elite in a 3-bedroom palace.  She and Lucy have another confrontation while she's working at the boutique. Lucy makes Margaret strip down and remarks about her breasts. Bad idea. Margaret gives it to Lucy and to make a long story short tells her why Nucky just isn't that into her anymore. Maybe she thinks a little too much of herself. Margaret promptly quits. She doesn't need to work when Nucky has her put up in an exclusive townhouse. Margaret learns later on that if Lucy can't claim Nucky as his own then she certainly can't. When she calls Nucky, his underling answers the phone and tells her that he's not available this evening.

Jimmy Becomes a Man - Ala Michael Corleone in Godfather I

Sheridan thinks he has Torrio, Darmody, and Al Capone by the cajones. He's even led to believe they came to the meeting without any weapons. When he discovers Jimmy has his knife on him (the one he fought in WWI with) he threatens to slice Jimmy's throat. Sheridan gives Jimmy the gift of life in that he doesn't slice his throat. He then promptly stuffs Jimmy's war knife into his jacket in arrogant fashion. Sheridan tells Torrio how it's going to be with regards to Greektown. When the meeting commences, our three protagonists get their jackets and let the bullets fly. Jimmy goes to a wounded Sheridan and tells him "you understand now we're running Greektown" and promptly blows his head off. Alas Jimmy has become a man. I liken this scene to the scene in Godfather I when a young Michael Corleone knocks off Virgil Sollozzo and the corrupt Captain McCluskey inside a restaurant.

That was when Michael Corleone officially became a man and was "hooked in." Last night we witnessed Jimmy's evolution into manhood. He's now a big-time gangster. An interesting take on this is that Jimmy not only does the deed for Torrio, but he also gets his revenge for Pearl's death. Just wait til he finds out what Lucky is doing with his mother. It is going to hit the fan!

Al Shows Us A Softer Side

Al Capone is one of the biggest badasses in the history of the United States. Boardwalk does a great job of illustrating Capone's badassadness. Last night they did a wonderful job in showing his human side. He and Jimmy trade shots after they celebrate their takeover of Greektown when Jimmy pokes fun at Al's battle scar on his face. A bit later Al comes to Jimmy's room and offers him some steaks, but points out he made him look bad earlier. Al nearly bursts into tears when he acknowledges that his son is deaf. Stephen Graham, who plays Al Capone in Boardwalk Empire does one hell of a job portraying the young gangster. If you didn't know about Graham before, you will now. He will become a household name in due time. Early in the episode Al looked like a complete jerk when he was making fun of his son by calling him a "dummy" but he finds out he's not that kind of "dumb" and must now cope with this.

Van Alden Looks More Like a Serial Killer Than a Law-Man

Van Alden's boss demands to know why he's so hung up on Schroeder. His boss demands numbers or the investigation will be finished. The ending of last night's episode was so shocking and creepy that you have to wonder where they're going to take the storyline with Van Alden. He has a photo of Margaret and her Immigration Card in hand. Then he turns over his wife's photo and props up Margaret's photo on his nightstand. I was thinking probably what millions of others were who watched last night's episode. Van Alden was probably going to pleasure himself. Wrong. He pulled out a belt and whipped himself, over and over and over again. Judging by the marks on his back he's been doing this for a while. What does it mean? Is he punishing himself for his obsession and yearning for another woman. Or, is he a psychopath who is going off the deep end? It's pretty insane for a man of the law to be doing this behind closed doors.

Last night was without a doubt the best episode yet. Boardwalk is like a fine scotch - it just gets better with age.

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