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Vampire Diaries Episode 6: Closing In


Prior to Thursday night's new Vampire Diaries  episode, Philly2Philly's Diane Cooney Vampire Diaries Episode 6: Closing Inwill recap the previous week's events. Feel free to join in, or debate, just keep it clean. That means no blood!!

Stefan and Elena are enjoying a mini break from their break up, canoodling in her bedroom. Meanwhile, Katherine and Mason are up to a little sizzle themselves. I’m enjoying the editing in these sequences – I think it’s providing a bit more depth to how they are telling their story.

Elena worries about what Katherine might do if she finds about our their fake out. Both couples are making their promises – Mason promises to bring the Moonstone to Katherine that night. Elena pricks her finger, to give Stefan his dose of human blood to help him get strong enough to beat K. Stefan promises her that they will get through this. Elena tells Stefan he loves her, Katherine tells Mason he loves her and Katherine tells him that she loves him too.

Jeremy comes to Damon with some werewolf scoop – recapping the stories from the pervious episodes. Meanwhile, Jenna is helping Carol Lockwood with the masquerade preparations. Seriously, that town is having some kind of event at least once a month.

Jenna invites Stefan over for dinner…. But he explains that Elena and her have taken a pause. Jenna looks surprised… and admits that she heard them in the morning. Ok, does anyone else think that was weirdly inappropriate?

Also at the Lockwood mansion, Bonnie whines to Elena about she never sees her anymore – and that she’s taken sides - choosing Caroline. While I appreciate the sentiment, they need to improve Bonnie’s dialogue. Bonnie’s still in her “vampires are bad” mode.

Ric, Jeremy and Damon review the Aztec curse from Isobel’s papers. Apparently the “hottie” grad assistant Vanessa shipped them back up. (My guess, she’ll be back at some point)

Btw, the grounds that serve as the Lockwood estate are stunning! I bet that place will be overrun with wedding reception reservations!

Mason is surprised that Stefan is back among the - um – walking. He then asks about Sheriff Forbes and Stefan tells him he has to handle his own “dirty work”.

Damon updates Elena and mentions Jeremy’s involvement…. And then Elena warned off Jeremy – suggesting that anyone who helps Damon is being used and will end up dead. Jeremy dissed her – and said it was her fault he was involved in the mess at all.

Jeremy talked to Tyler Lockwood –and mentions that he’s been researching the moonstone. Tyler tells him he gave it to Mason – and that he doesn’t want any part of it. Damon and Stephan are using their vampy hearing and walk away…

Some awkward product placement happened as Elena and Stefan texting to each other. Elena calls Stefan – I felt like that scene was forced and unnecessary.

Damon and Bonnie discuss her witchy headache… she was creepily calm talking about how she gives Damon a bunch of aneurysms. I think it’s hard to buy her act when she might be the second biggest sadist in town.

Bonnie sets up Mason - and pools her headache whammy on him – Tyler Kinney was super convincing - the vein in his forehead looked like his head was really going to explode.

In the basement at the Salvatore house, Caroline and her mom have a nice mother-daughter chat about her new lifestyle. Caroline explains that she drinks the blood bank staff of Damon’s. She tells her mother, “On a healthy diet, I can control it”. I want to laugh every time I hear Carolyn talk about her diet. I keep waiting for a faux SNL commercial to pop up.

Bonnie’s able to do her witchy mind reading, on Mason, and flashes to the location of the moonstone – something cold, dark and with water. She’s disgusted by the proceedings, so she heads out of the house

Bonnie and Caroline have an awkward conversation about her mother. Then Bonnie asks Caroline if she remembers the old well they played around when they were kids. Caroline does – and says it’s on the old Lockwood property. Isn’t everything dark and secretive on that plot of land? Bonnie texts Stefan the location of the well, and Caroline offers to go along with her – and Bonnie acquiesces.

Meanwhile, Damon begins to torture Mason to get him to explain what Katherine plans on doing with the moonstone.

Stefan finds the well, and Elena shows up as he breaks into the well, and he jumps down to fetch the stone. The only problem – the well is filled with vervain….which looks like its burning his arms and he screams in pain (thought not as convincing as Mr. Kinney I think). Caroline hears trouble and races to their rescue.

As Damon interrogates Mason, Jeremy comes in, with an herb – Wolfsbane. They decided its toxic and Damon forces it down Mason’s throat. This whole scene was hard to watch – since Mason was becoming my favorite werewolf.

Caroline lowers Elena into the well, and she’s able to get Stefan safely wrapped up so Caroline can pull him up. Elena is then by herself, blindly reaching for the stone in the well. A few snakes slither by, and she rightfully freaks out. But she grabs the box, and Caroline pulls her to safety. Since Stefan’s in bad shape – she cuts her hand so he can feed.

Jeremy tries to get Damon to stop. Mason does tell him where the stone is – and he thinks Katherine’s going to lift his curse.

Damon laughs when Mason tells him Katherine loves him. Mason knows he’s doomed, so he tells Jeremy, to look out for Tyler.

Damon seems somewhat sympathetic, as he tells Mason, “Oh I know, I’ve been where you are. Katherine will only rip your heart out. Let me do it for her. “ Damon then brutally pulls his heart out of his chest. It freaked me out when I first saw that done in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Taylor Kinney made the most of his six-episode arc. (Alaric and Jenna share a romantic moment in the kitchen as they are preparing dinner. Elena comes home, and Alaric asks her if she’s ok.

Caroline talks to her mom about how she help saved Stefan, and she was just as excited that Bonnie wasn’t mean to her, as she was that she helped Stefan. Her mother offers to keep her secret but Caroline still compels her to forget – because her mother would never trust the Salvatores. I whole-heartedly like this evolved Caroline – I hope we can see more of it.

Damon fakes an email to Carol saying Mason has gone back to Florida indefinitely. He can’t resist nosing around the phone log… he rings the last number dialed. He gets Katherine, and he tells her that Mason’s dead.

Katherine asks, “Do you honestly believe I didn’t have a plan b, or plan C, then plan D… “ I must admit, she freaked me out a bit.

Back at the Gilbert residence, Jenna’s on the phone as Elena and Alaric catch up. Jenna hands the phone to Elena, never saying who it is. Meanwhile, as Elena’s on the phone, Jenna’s in the background, cutting a loaf of bread.

Katherine had compelled Jenna – apparently Jenna has vervain perfume and had been drinking a vervain tea – and while Elena was talking to Katherine, Jenna stabbed herself in the kitchen – truly on of the most horrible sights on this show.

At the hospital, Jenna miraculously survives, and Jeremy and Elena. Jenna doesn’t remember what happened… and Jeremy naively asks why Katherine targeted Jenna. He looked damn convincing when he said she was “going to pay”. I was so worried that they were going to overkill and we’d lose two good characters.

Tyler comes home, and find out that Damon’s ruse worked – both he and Carol believe Mason is off to Florida. I felt bad for Tyler and his mom. I think his mom has been greatly underused this season…so I hope they come up with some interesting things for her to do later this year.

While Damon might be the pretty boy that gets all the press - Paul Wesley was superb this performance… I look forward to see him getting more props for his role in the series. He looked devastated as Elena told him that they have to break up. He cried more than she did. But we love him for that, right?

Damon stops her as she is leaving. He apologizes for “riling Katherine up”. Elena tells him that, “it doesn’t matter, Katherine won”.

In the final scene Katherine is talking to a man in her room – and at first I thought it might be John – Elena’s exiled bio father – but oh it gets worse, it’s poor Matt! Katherine compels him to pick a fight with Tyler til he’s killed. I hope the trick will be on Katherine at the Masquerade Ball.



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