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'The Social Network' connects with viewers in Philly2Philly's Box Office Weekend Wrap-Up


JIM TETI'S BOX OFFICE WEEKEND WRAP-UPThe Social Network flourished at the box office this weekend.

The power of Facebook showed big time this weekend at the box office, as The Social Network took the box office crown with $23 million.

The film was a bit of a wildcard as it could have appealed primarily to a core audience, but apparently the story of Mark Zuckeberg’s accidental rise to billionaire status was compelling story material, and along with the incredible script, managed to expand above and beyond the target demographic. Time will tell if the film has legs, but The Social Network is still geared up to be the second surprise hit of the fall, right behind The Town.

Although this week marked the beginning of October, audiences weren’t quite ready to embrace that spookiness onscreen. No less than three horror releases all performed terribly. The best of the lot, an atmospheric, poetic remake titled Let Me In, vastly underperformed with $5 million. (horror movies with kids, always a tough combo) The epic bombing of Case 39 at $5 million was far more unsurprising, as Paramount had kept the creepy kid flick on the shelf for two years. The dismal return further supports the notion that Renee Zellwegger is in a severe career relevance rut. (fire your agent dear, before we have to suffer through Bridget Jones 3) The other release of the weekend, Chain Letter (starring pre-Twlight Nikki Reed, opened in a very limited fashion, also to nonexistent numbers.

As for the rest of the top ten, The Town continues to solidify its hit status, adding another $10 million and dropping only slightly percentage wise. The Town now totals at $64.3 million. Teen gossip has also paid off for Easy A which keeps going strong, scoring $7 million to bring the film’s gross to over $40 million. Wall Street, the big release from last week, did have a somewhat steep decline, ending up with $10 million for the weekend and $35.9 in total.

Next week falls back into underwhelming territory with the dated rom-com Life as We Know It, starring Katherine Heigl (the heir to Jennifer Aniston’s mediocre throne). Next week does mark the expansion of the taut, excellent indie thriller Buried, starring Ryan Reynolds and a coffin. Will Buried manage to break out of the box and become a hit? Or will Reynolds continue his stay in movie star purgatory? Tune in next week!

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