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'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Recap: Season 6 Episode 7


It’s Always Reviewed in PhiladelphiaIt's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Episode 7: Who Got Dee Pregnant


In the seventh episode, the gang does the ol’ Roshomon storyline. Dee is pregnant and we she announces one of the gang is the father, the boys sit and wrack their brains to remember.

It all starts with a drunken Halloween party. This episode also featured Artemis and the McPoyles. Each character tells his version of the events of the party. Everyone was in “brown out” mode, a new word coined by Mac. It’s not quite a black out, there’s still some drunken memory left.

The best part of this episode is that the gang’s memory is so warped, you see inconsistencies, changes in costume and characters switched up as the gang remembers them wrong. Who is Dee’s baby’s daddy? I won’t give it away, but there is more to this story.

The episode was the best of the season so far. As an added bonus, there will be more to the story. 

According to the Sunny scale:

1 is Dee

2 is Frank

3 is Charlie

4 is Mac

5 is a Dennis

I have to give this episode a solid Dennis. It was pretty much a perfect one. A good balance of all the gang, all the running gags, supporting cast and a mystery that could change everything. Also, don’t miss "The League" Halloween episode.

Two words, “ghost monkey."

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