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Philly2Philly.com Boardwalk Empire Review: Episode 3


Boardwalk Empire continues to get deeper, badder (good bad, not bad bad), and more intense with each episode. Last week on Episode 2, things heated up between Rothstein and Nucky which sets the stage for an eventual confrontation between the two. Episode 3, entitled "Broadwalk Limited" was chock full of action and a little nudity.

Nucky and Chalky White make a deal off the bat.

Chalky is adamant about wanting 40% for his cut. Nucky is willing to go 30 and they settle on 35%. Alas, Chalky and Nucky join forces like Smith & Wesson.

Oh yeah that witness from the Booze Heist? Van Alden made off with him.

Van Alden displayed his scumbag side when he and his partner made kidnapped the lone witness from the Alcohol heist gone-wrong. Van Alden literally stuck his fist inside of the poor guy's stomach cavity and demanded information. He promptly croaked after Van Alden got him to say "Jimmy."

Nucky's Girlfriend Shows Off Her Assets

In one of the hottest scenes you'll ever see on TV, Nucky's girlfriend Lucy (played by Paz de la Huerta) displayed her assets in front of Margaret (Kelly McDonald) who is working at a department store. Lucy took it all off and got full frontal. And it's clear Lucy isn't trying to make nice with Margaret. In fact she humiliated her by forcing Margaret to put the negligee on her. Then she makes it a point to tell Margaret how much of a peon she is.

Nucky Tells Jimmy To Get out of Town

Things get really bad for Jimmy. With Van Alden is on Nucky's tail. Nucky tells Jimmy he must leave Atlantic City and never return telling him, "You're through kid." Jimmy breaks the bad news to his wife and heads west for Chi-town.

One of Chalky's Men is Murdered

Chalky White finds one of his guys hanging from a tree with the the phrase, "Liquor Kills" enscribed on a car. Chalky confronts Nucky about it and he tells Chalky, "The Last thing we need is a race war. Do you understand me?" Nucky brushes it off and tells Chalky he was cheating with another man's wife. Chalky demands a 50% take and Nucky obliges.

Nucky gets introduced to the "MF Bomb"

Line of the show last night: When Nucky asked one of his cronies "What does mother F'er mean?" Chalky must have dropped about a dozen MF bombs (or so it seemed) in the span of a minute. Apparently Chalky was ahead of the time with his lingo...

Another great episode for Boardwalk. It will be interesting to see how things develop for Jimmy in Chicago. And, despite that full frontal scene, Lucy is a real "you know what." Look for Margaret to have "her day" at some point.

Until next time, check out Boardwalk Empire on On Demand in case you missed it. It airs every Sunday night at 9 P.M. on HBO.