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Vampire Diaries Episode 4 Recap: The Lockwood Legacy


Prior to Thursday night's new Vampire Diaries  episode, Philly2Philly's Diane Cooney will recap the previous week's events. Feel free to join in, or debate, just keep it clean. That means no blood!!

Last week’s Vampire Diaries episode kicked off with an interesting sequence –The Vampire Diaries photo: Courtesy of http://www.tvovermind.com/cable/thecw/the-vampire-diaries/sneak-peek-vampire-diaries-season-2-episode-3/31372 a flashback to the 1800s. Katherine and Stefan dancing at the original Founders Day Ball. Damon is watching longingly (the 1800s Damon was a bit of a pushover, wasn’t he?)

The happy couple notice Damon, and then Katherine points out moments later that Damon’s occupied talking to someone – Elena – standing as if she was plucked out of present day. Damon and Elena walk out a door, and Stefan pursues. He finds himself at the Grille, where modern Damon and Elena are cute and cuddly at the pool tables.

Stefan flashes back to the 1800s and wakes us, relieved it’s a dream. Elena’s next to him sleeping, and he tells her to go back to sleep. He must have heard the silence – no breath or heartbeat – and gets out of bed. Katherine’s pleased with her impersonation. They don’t get into the details of how she can mess with his head – but she implies his diet made it easier.

Tyler and Mason discuss Mason’s condition, Mason’s matter of fact about it – but tells Tyler doesn’t have to worry about turning into a werewolf, since he won’t “trigger the curse”. Tyler wants him to explain how the curse is triggered - but Mason won’t. Tyler asks about the moonstone, looking for leverage, and Mason simply says there’s sentimental value since it was his mother’s. What’s up the Lockwood clan – no grandparents? Usually wealthy families enjoy some longevity – due to their cushy lifestyles.

Stefan and Katherine talk about the Lockwood family. As she begins to explain, we get a few more flashbacks – and they include a young George Lockwood. Damon makes a toast, talking about George’s actions during the war. George watches Katherine – as if he knows what she is.

Damon and Elena are at the grille – Damon’s trying to charm her, and she’s tells him she doesn’t want anything to do with him. But he mentions that he’ll see her at Jenna’s little soiree. Alaric suggested that Jenna throw a little party – since she went to high school with Mason. Stefan and Katherine are sitting rather civilly in the living room. She’s sipping some of Damon’s stash. Stefan asks her more about the Lockwoods. She mentions not all the Lockwoods are werewolves…but they have the werewolf gene. Ok – I started to wonder about the mythology at this point – how is this really going to work is it a gene or is it a curse? Hope they tighten that point up later this year.

Katherine asks Stefan why he kept the picture of her…. And why he came back. She asks,"Vampire Diaries" photo: http://images.starpulse.com/Photos/Previews/Vampire-Diaries-tv-11.jpg “Was it for Elena or was it for me?” I didn’t think that made a lot of sense. It seemed pretty clear that Katherine was staying far away from Mystic Falls – so if anything, perhaps he came back, because he thought he’d never see her again. I’ve never had any trouble believing that Stefan really loves Elena for who she is – not who he reminds him of. What could be better than finding a better, nicer, version of the “type” of woman you fell for?

He zips over, looking tormented that he still cares, leans in for a kiss, ad then sticks her with a vervain injection. Score Stefan 1: Katherine 0. He locks her up in the cellar. He goes fairly bad ass….. putting vervain up to her face - and she recoils like it was silver.

Back at the Gilbert house, Jenna’s party is off to a fun start, Mason comes up with shot glasses. He and Jenna seem to have an easy rapport. Damon shows up bearing a bakery box. He knows how to behave when he wants to. When Mason meets Damon he seems legitimately friendly, and tells him, “I’ve heard great things about you.” Damon looks surprised, “That’s weird cause I’m a dick.”

Caroline is boring. Eating like a pig. Starts talking trash about how Stefan wants to rip out Elena’s jugular. At first, I was interested in keeping Caroline around – but she need to transition out of this awkward annoying phase. I understand some “challenging” characters provide necessary conflict – but like Vicki before her – I have a hard time caring at all what’s going to happen next.

Back in the cellar, Katherine comes off all even more stalker-y, “Does she knows that you love me?” you would think a woman who’s been around for over 100 years would have a better strategy for seducing an old lover. Katherine reflects back to the first time Stefan told her he loved her. In all of these scenes, it looks like they have him in some ridiculous wig – but Katherine does seem touched by his proclamation. She sends him on his way – after all, he’s the gentleman, while Damon is waiting for her in her room. He was eavesdropping (things never change). She compels wimpy Damon in order to throw him out. Present day Katherine tells Stefan, she says she never compelled his love (at least in the beginning) “it was real and so was mine”.

How did they end up playing charades at Jenna’s party? Mason keeps up with Damon’s less than subtle agenda - “Dances with Wolves”. They move the party to the kitchen, and Damon brings out the pie with a beautiful silver pie cutter. He hands Mason the pie, and Mason notices the interest with which Ric and Damon are watching - he turns the pie around, picking up the first slice with his bare hands.

Katherine and Stefan have more ludicrous discussions about who loved/hated who. She describes George Lockwood’s role in the vampire church burning – he was working with Giuseppe Salvatore – their dad. Ric joins in, asking Mason if he ever dated Jenna, and she mentions that he was popular with the ladies. Damon says, “I always pegged you for a lone wolf”. Mason counters with, “I’m sure I wasn’t half the lady killer you were.” Love him. Taylor Kinney is fast becoming my new favorite.

Caroline and Elena go to Stefan’s to look for Stefan since he’s not answering her messages. Caroline accuses her of being clingy and Elena counters that she’s just worried about him. Caroline sabotages the tire, ensuring a flat later.

Katherine and Stefan are still talking about the 1800s… George Lockwood helped engineer her escape from the Church. Katherine blames Damon for almost ruining everything. Stefan is even more disgusted with her – when he realizes that he and Damon died for nothing. She tells him, “You died for love”. Mason asks how Damon knew what he was – and Damon accuses him of trying to kill his brother. Mason tried to explain – that he couldn’t get chained up in time due to circumstance. He doesn’t want to run - “Let’s not spark an age old feud that doesn’t apply to us”, and he shakes Damon’s hand, “Let’s be above this.”

Caroline and Elena are waiting for a tow. And Elena’s prepared to walk (sure wait till its dark and creepy outside). Caroline goes on again about how things will never work out between Elena and Stefan – and thankfully the tow truck arrives. Caroline looks afraid. Elena walks away…

Mason and Damon are in town – under the pretense of going for drinks. Damon pulls out a silver knife he borrowed from Chez Gilbert, and sticks Mason. Mason calmly pulls it out, remarking “I think it was werewolves who started that whole silver myth. Mason seems a bit sad with how this has played out. He walks over to Damon, calmly stating, “Now you made an enemy” and he walks away. Will Damon ever learn?

Back in the cellar, Katherine’s finally had enough – she attacks Stefan, because she apparently has built up a tolerance to Vervain. She threatens to break Elena’s neck. Was anyone else unimpressed? Even as she threatens to kill her whole family….I wasn’t buying it. Elena gets to the house, and finally meets Katherine face to face. Elena’s scared, but she stands her ground. She asks why she looks like Katherine. Katherine responds, “You’re asking the wrong questions.” What is this, the Matrix? I can’t imagine what other question she should have asked. When Stefan comes up - Katherine splits. At the Grille, Caroline gets threatened by Katherine, because Caroline didn’t keep Elena out of Stefan’s house. She comes out and apologizes to Elena, but Elena agrees with most of what she said.

Mason comes home to find Tyler still itching to learn about the curse. Tyler suggests he knows where the moon stone is – so Mason finally explains the curse, “You have to kill somebody!”

Elena and Stefan rehash their day, and as they are discussing their Katherine Problem, Stefan suggests that they break up. They decide to break up….

Caroline’s watching….Then we see Damon at the bar (alone) smiling. In town, Damon and Katherine catch up. Katherine warns him to be careful with the werewolf or he will end up dead.

Back at home, Elena finds Stefan in her room – and they discuss their fight – apparently they were play acting for their audience - Caroline and Damon. Damon needs to be in the dark as well, to make illusion the complete. They are still trying to figure out what Katherine really wants. Stefan believes she’s incapable of love.

For the final flashback - Katherine gives George the moonstone – since he helped her out. She looks at the dead bodies. She goes to Stefan, tells him she loves him and promises that they will be together again.

Damon seems to have lost his mojo this episode. I wonder if it’s the fallout from the über rejection he experienced by Elena….and Katherine. I wasn’t impressed with Katherine this episode. Her cadence reminds me too much of Damon… but she’s missing the dangerous factor… she doesn’t really feel like a physical threat.

I feel like this is revisionist story. I suppose the writers could argue that season 1 was the Salvatore brothers take on events…And this year we’ll hear Katherine’s version.

Right now, I think Katherine’s behaving like a crazy ex.

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