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'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Recap: Season 6 Episode 4


It’s Always Reviewed in PhiladelphiaIt's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Episode 4: Mac's Big Break


In the fourth episode, Mac wins a radio contest and gets one slapshot to win a weekend with WMMR's Preston and Steve. Charlie, who actually has hockey skills, helps. In the subplot, Dennis and Dee start a podcast with Frank as the producer.

A fun moment comes when Preston and Steve actually make a cameo. Also, three past characters make an appearance on the podcast. The podcast, which starts quickly and simply, is probably the strong of the plots. The hockey one was good, but they did an 80’s montage which felt kind of lazy for the normally hilarious cast.

Still, the scene with Mac and Charlie at the end was pretty awesome. Probably the strongest scene is the open when Mac actually wins. We learn a little bit about the three occurring characters and their relationships with Dee and Dennis. The team up of Mac and Charlie and Dennis and Dee always seems the most natural. And Frank, we’ll he’s just nuts.

We’ll be rating episodes according to the Sunny scale:

1 is Dee

2 is Frank

3 is Charlie

4 is Mac

5 is a Dennis

I think this episode starts like a Mac, but finishes like a Charlie.

Not bad.

Oh and stay for The League right after.

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