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Beauty Defined by Philly2Philly's 'Your Colour Pallette'


"Your Colour Palette" with Laini Bianculli.The definition of beauty in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is "the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit."

The Lainiology definition: "beauty is deeply rooted on the inside and radiates on the outside. It's never about what you do it's about who you are as a human being." Taking the time to nurture our bodies from the inside gives us the opportunity to recognize the depth of beauty in the people who share our lives. When you really get to know someone you can find out so many wonderful things about them and appreciate them for who they are which is so significant to our own inner being.

We all know the simple rules to healthy living: 1) drink at least eight glasses of water a day; 2) eat healthy; and 3) exercise. Much too generic of an explanation when we are the haute couture of beauty and must take care of ourselves especially with the winter months fast approaching. Do you realize that the skin is the largest organ of the body and we would all agree it has a major role to play so let's not neglect it. We need to prepare our skin for the cold weather so we can obtain full body complexion perfection from head to toe. The bitter temperatures and the constant layering of our signature style fashions can have negative effects on our skin. It's more like hibernation when the only creatures that should be hibernating are the majestic bears.

There are three essential power steps along with daily cleansing to perfecting your total body skincare routine: Hydrate, Exfoliate and Moisturize (the "HEM"). You will immediately benefit from following the HEM multitasking beauty regimen and experience the difference in your skin. These fundamentals run parallel with your facial skincare regimen and apply to the men reading this article as well - you know you are! Choosing cleansing and HEM products for your facial schedule may be a little bit more complicated as you need to assess your skin type first, i.e., normal, dry, sensitive, combination, etc. Once you determine your skin type you will be well on your way to achieving a more beautiful complexion (we will discuss this in an upcoming article.) The most important aspect of great skincare is to attain balance which begins on the inside. Water is ourmost precious life giving resource so drink up, dive in and make a stylish splash.

Let's embark on our skincare voyage with our first stop, the shower. Hydrate for instant purification and to prevent premature aging of the skin especially in the cold and windy weather. Exfoliate for radiance and luminosity. Exfoliating is significant in removing the surface layer of dead cells on the skin which is essential for bright, glowing skin and to achieve flawless makeup application (which will be discussed in an upcoming article - can't give it all away at once.) Moisturize, drench and saturate your skin to nourish, protect and restore elasticity. For ultimate results, in the case of moisturizing, less is not more, more is more. Reptilian may be the word of the day if you do not moisturize. Use a light-weight moisturizer in a lotion form during the day that doesn't feel weighted down underneath your clothes but be sure to bring out the big guns at night.

Creams work best on your skin while you are in sleep mode as your skin will drink them up. You will awake to baby soft healthier looking skin. Slow down and take a few extra seconds in the application of your products for more effectiveness and give your shoulders, neck, and décolleté extra pampering especially since the 2010 holiday fashion trends are "exposed shoulders." When you complete the HEM which is like lingerie for your skin, your sexy silks, satins, and brushed cotton stretch will feel extra plush against your body and so will the arms of the loved one you are all wrapped up in.

Skincare products have risen to the occasion with so many quality ones to choose you will feel like a kid in a candy store. We will cover a blanket of snow of exceptional products so you can wisely proceed with your due diligence when shopping for your specific needs and budget. All of the products that are shared and compared in Catwalk to Sidewalk are YOUR COLOUR PALETTE favorites and are used on a daily/weekly basis. A preferred body exfoliating product is Olay Total Effects but if you really want to give your skin a sweet treat try Philosophy Amazing Grace Hot Salt Tub and Shower Scrub.

Philosophy products are a delight for bath and body and their inspirational packaging "celebrates the beauty of the human spirit." Can you say "QVC automatic ship?" To give yourself and your skin a gift of indulgence, try Fresh Body  care especially the Brown Sugar Body Polish. As for all over body moisturizers, you can never go wrong with Johnson's Baby Products  with so many formulas to choose from that will do the job as good as a more expensive one and you will smell simply lovely. If you want to splurge, envelope yourself in any Philosophy product especially the "Grace" collection. Their heavenly scents are destined to be a crowd pleaser.

Another favorite product line to check out is Bliss  especially the Body Butter which will have you wanting to slather up every minute. An absolute must-have "never look back" purchase for hydrating your lips even while you sleep is Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF 15 in Rosé or Plum. All of these Catwalk suggestions, which are moderately priced, can be found at the ultimate beauty haven headquarters, Sephora or for the midnight retail therapy shoppers just click on QVC. You have made it to the show stopping grand finale as you are prepped and ready to get dressed. Now you can give your skin the ultimate complement and spray one of your favorite fragrances. As with all of your accessories, you should enjoy a wardrobe of fragrances for each season.

Each and every one of us is as unique as the snowflakes that will begin to fall on our nose and eyelashes as we stroll the sidewalks in our sumptuous suede knee high boots and toasty warm faux fur coats and jackets, accessorized from head to toe, of course, in what we hope to be an incredibly beautiful long journey of life. Live your life comfortably in your own skin, invest in yourself, be happy, stay healthy and know that YOU are beauty defined.

Happy Thanksgiving and a very special thank you to everyone who enjoyed Fall Into Style! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at laini@yourcolourpalette.com [or on Facebook: Laini.Bianculli.]

Laini Bianculli

Fashion/Beauty Consultant