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Preston and Steve's 2011 Totally Office Calender Party brings thousands to Chickie's and Pete's


Preston and Steve's 2010 Totally Office Calender Party last November was insane.Preston and Steve's 2011 Totally Office Calender Party. Photo: Aileen Bannon

This year's party topped that.

An estimated overall crowd of 3,000 waited in line at Chickie's and Pete's Packer Avenue location Friday night to meet the calender girls featured in Preston and Steve's 2011 Totally Office Calender from 93.3 WMMR.

This girls from this year's calender range from regular participants such as five time calender girl Lauren Harris, to Philly's Hottest Babe on a Bike Stephanie Calabria, to Tricia Machion from Gloucester Township, New Jersey, who had no previous modelling experience whatsoever prior to the photo shoot.

"This is the first time," Machion says proudly. "I'm friends with Stephanie (Calabria), who was in the Biker Babe Contest, and she invited me over to do it. I guess they liked me and I made it."

Despite her newfound fame. Machion thinks this might just be a one-time shot and doesn't envision a modelling career in her future.

"If someone approached me I would, but I'm not going to go out to try anything. I went to school to be a teacher, so that's not really something you should mix things with. It was fun though."


Also playing a big part in this year's calender is the multi-talented Angelo Perfetto from the Philadelphia Passion Lingerie Football Team. Not only is Angela featured in the calender, she also worked on the hair for the calender girls.

"It's a crazy life I lead," laughs Perfetto. "I do hair by day, I'm a football player by night, and then I work for WMMR with the free time I have. I was in the calender two years ago and I told them what I do full time, so I did the hair this year and last year too!"

To say Preston and Steve have the most loyal radio fan base in Philadelphia is an understatement. Fans came from all over the tri-state area to meet the 2011 calender girls in person and to also meet the morning show crew.

Rob Kervin came all the way from Cookstown, New Jersey for the calender party. Tim Loyden and Greg Oscabchuk are from the Northeast and were also at last year's event. Oscabchuk had a rather memorable experience at last year's party, and was looking to double his luck this year.

"Last year, I had Jenn (2010 cover girl Jenn Kaelin) feed me a crab fry, laughs Oscabchuk. "It was so awesome and totally bad ass. So I'll let you know how this year goes."

Chuck Damico, Assistant Program Director and Project Manager for the 2011 calender,Preston and Steve's 2011 Totally Office Calender Party. Photo: Aileen Bannon had the task of making sure the calenders were closely guarded until Friday in addition to keeping an accurate supply of calenders for all the attendees. Damico was quite pleased to see the overall enthusiasm of the guests, as several of them waited in line for more than an hour.

"We just unveiled the calenders today so there was no chance of one sneaking out and landing on eBay or anything crazy like that," said Damico. "We made 20,000 calenders overall and we bring 5,000 calenders to the party. Eric and I (Director of Promotions Eric Simon) and I are sweating it out looking back and forth at each other making sure there's enough calenders left because we won't turn anybody away at all.

It's a free calender and we put a lot of time and effort into it. It's also the only event we do where all of the girls who participated come along with the entire show, promotions, and the rest of the radio station air staff. Chickie's and Pete's does a great job with us as well as helping with the beer specials through Budweiser. For the most part, I don't see any unhappy faces. They get to meet local athletes, television personalities, the entire WMMR staff and all the girls, so it's definitely worth it to wait in that line."


Damico was right. WMMR's Pierre Robert, Matt Cord and Jacky Bam Bam all came out and showed their support. Others in attendance were Philadelphia Eagles Todd Heremans, Brent Celek, and Jon Dorenbos along with his wife Julie. Fox 29's John Bolaris also made a brief cameo.

Calender Project Coordinator and morning show co-host Nick McIlwain (who stuck around until every calender was signed with the entire morning show crew) was extremely pleased with how the calender and the event came together.

"I think the 2011 calender is even better than the one we did for 2010," said McIlwain. "The cover shot of Lauren Harris is fantastic. Easily the best cover shot we've had. All of the girls were so cool, they all came out and everyone had an absolute blast."

If you weren't able to make this year's extravaganza, not to worry. Several of the calender girls will be making select appearances throughout the Delaware Valley during the year where you can meet them and also get your calender signed.

Keep up to date with all of Preston and Steve's adventures at http://www.wmmr.com/shows/preston-and-steve/  and listen to them every Monday through Friday from 6am-10am on 93.3 WMMR

Special thanks to Eric Simon

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