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Vampire Diaries Episode 9: It Gets Worse Before it Gets Better


Prior to Thursday night's new Vampire Diaries  episode, Philly2Philly's Diane Cooney will recap the previous week's events. Feel free to join in, or debate, just keep it clean. That means no blood!!

Last week’s episode started with Katerina giving birth to her daughter – Vampire Diaries courtesy of CWwho gets whisked away by her father…. Since her child was a “disgrace” to the family. Ah, love those family values!

Bonnie and A New Relationship

Jeremy runs into Bonnie in the school parking lot – and asks her if she wants to hang out at the Grille, shoot some pool. She actually asks why. Hmm. Perhaps that is the way to attract a guy. Act like he’s not completely adorable and nice. Luca a new guy introduces himself and asks for help finding the office. He’s totally checking out Bonnie. Watch out Jeremy!

Elena Goes to the Source

Elena finds out from Stefan, Rose and Damon that Klaus, the oldest known vampire want to find her. Overwhelmed, she blows off Stefan and then coerces Caroline into helping her talk to Katherine. Caroline shows up her awesome strength and moves the big stone blocking the tomb. I still get a kick out of her doing stuff only the guys did last season. Elena bribes Katherine with a pillow, the family bible, and a few ounces of blood. Katherine starts to tell Elena how Klaus is the vampire that she has been running from for the last 500 years. At first, Katherine thought she simply had an admirer but then she learned the truth. The curse of the sun and the moon was bound with Petrova blood – and can be unbroken with the blood of a Petrova…. And once the doppelganger reappears, the curse can be broken.

Back in 1492….

Katherine runs away from Klaus, and Elijah and his henchmen are chasing her through the woods. Trevor (thank goodness for flashbacks) helps her and tells her to run to a house that will provide shelter. Katherine heads off, and finds Rose is consistent – she’s upset at what Trevor hasdone – and plans on returning Katherine to Klaus with a big apology. I’m enjoying how Rose is ruled by self-preservation and a big dose of common sense. Katherine tries to kill herself, but Rose gives her some blood so she’ll heal. Trevor comes in and while Rose is recovering from the news that Trevor loves Katherine (to her credit, Rose looked horrified, I just rolled my eyes) Katherine sneaks off, hangs herself, knowing her undead blood can’t break the curse. Apparently, that just pissed Klaus off even more.

Caroline Distracts Stefan

Caroline finds Stefan at school and he wants to go off and check Elena. Caroline distracts him and then end up at the Grille talking about Tyler and that he knows about her vamp-ness. Scenes with Caroline and Stefan are always fun – she manages to bring out his sense of humor. He tells her that she reminds him of his friend Lexie – they keep mentioning her a lot lately – I wonder if she’ll be making an appearance in a flashback.

Damon and Rose hit the Road

Back to the present, Damon mocks Rose who’s still mourning the death of Trevor. Frankly, I was glad to see her still upset about that. 500 years is a long time for a friendship… I can’t imagine how long it would take for that not to hurt. Rose and Damon head to Richmond, to meet Slater, the guy who was their source to Elijah. Apparently they find some fancy coffeehouse with tempered glass that blocks out the UV rays… allowing any vamp to drink a latte in the daytime. At first, I thought Slater was some geeky human…. Who had a naïve interest in vampire lore? He seemed excited to meet Damon, who he recognized without introduction. But he was even better – a nerdy vampire! Slater explains, “I have 18 degrees – 3 masters, and 4 PhDs… “ to which Damon smirks, “the point?” Slater doesn’t take anylip from the pretty boy slacker - “ What is the point – what should I be doing with my eternity? If you have an answer please enlighten me”. I have found my Vampire Diaries kindred spirit – I can see Slater being added to their merry gang. I think he and Jeremy would have a fun time going over the Gilbert journals.

Slater explains that if the vampires break the sun curse, the werewolves are stuck with the moon curse forever and vice versa. Slater and Rose thought the existence of werewolves were just an old rumor, to which Damon drily replies, “Not such a rumor”. Slater doesn’t miss a beat – he figures they live in Mystic falls. “God, I’ve got to visit this place – it sounds awesome.” Damon’s thinking ahead – and suggests, “We render the moonstone useless and stop the curse from being broken.” Slater and Rose of course, don’t know why breaking the curse is such a bad idea.

Elijah is watching outside – and hurls a handful of coins to the window – it shatters leaving Rose and Slater exposed to the sun – writhing on the floor, screaming in pain. Slater manages to run out on his own – but Damon has to carry Rose to safety. (He does the heroic thing so well). Rose is convinced Klaus is going to come to kill them all. Sadly, she’s probably right. But she doesn’t know what lengths the Salvatore brothers will go to save Elena.

A New Witch in Town

Bonnie gets to the Grille early and Luca invite her to sit down with him and his father. Something’s wrong with that guy. Bonnie touches Luca as she says her goodbye – and gets some kind of vibe. Later, we find out that yes, they are Warlocks.

Stefan Confronts Katherine

Stefan figures out where Elena is, they have one of their intense conversations. He tells her not to trust what Katherine says, he thinks she spun the story to she can trade the moonstone for her freedom and then he turns to Katherine, and sounds like Damon saying, “You manipulative, psychotic, bitch.” Katherine counters, “When Klaus shows up, I’ll be in the tomb, where no vampire will go because they can’t get out. I’ll be the safest psychotic bitch in town.”

Damon Makes a New Friend

Rose and Damon have a serious conversation once they are back safe at the house Salvatore house. She tells him, “Because if we want to survive we need to not care about anyone.” Rose tells him its time to turn the switch off to his emotions. Take note, apparently that is how one seduces Damon Salvatore (its official, he’s a sexy man: )

Elena Breaks Down

Stefan walks her to her door, and she doesn’t want to talk about anything. He of course, doesn’t leave it at that – and she lists all the people who need to break the curse – Bonnie, Caroline, Tyler – Katherine ensured that all of Elena’s friends were involved in this mess.

Parting Words

Slater calls Rose, and tell her, “You can destroy the curse, but you need the moonstone.” He says a witch will be able to figure out the rest. He hangs up the phone and faces Elijah, ho tells him to drive the stake through his heart. Ever the good student, Slater says, “but that will kill me forever.” He does it – and falls to the floor, looking pretty dead. Seriously! The most interesting vampire character since Damon – and they kill him off that quickly? I though the stake was in the center of his chest – not actually by his heart – so I am hoping for a vampiric miracle. Luca’s shady dad steps out of the shadows, and asks Elijah if that was necessary.

Whatever. I knew he and his son were trouble. I look forward to Damon finishing the job and taking Elijah’s head next time.

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