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Boardwalk Empire Episode 7 Recap: Jimmy Makes Friends With a Sniper


Last week - Episode 6 of Boardwalk Empire was nothing short of brilliant. We witnessed the evolution of Jimmy in a pivotal scene involving the execution of Sheridan. richard harrowAl Capone showed his vulnerable side and Margeret took a step up in the world, but still isn't Nucky's "only" woman. And, in the denouement of the episode, Agent Van Alden resembled a serial killer more than a Federal Agent.

Boardwalk Empire Episode 7: 'Home' got off to a slow start, but finished fast and furious. This episode was all about Nucky and Jimmy and his new friend he meets at the Veteran's Hospital.

Nucky's Pop Has Some Issues

Early on we learn than Nucky's Dad has some major issues. The homestead is delapidated. He's talking to the cats (never a good sign) and then falls, breaking his leg. And, the place smells like cat urine. Nucky and Eli have some decisions to make.

Enter Meyer Lansky

Meyer Lansky, one of the biggest gangsters in American History stepped onto the stage in Episode 7 when he posed as a man named Michael Lewis. Lewis requested a sit-down with Chalky White and offered to buy a major score of booze. Chalky thought Nucky was testing him and refused. Turns out "Lewis" wasn't kidding. Just another reason why this show is going to continue getting better and better.

Nucky and Margaret are Back At It

Not that they were ever on the outs, but last week Nucky gave Margaret the cold shoulder treatment despite hooking her up with a fancy apartment. This week things were far different as the two spent a considerable amount of time together - tending to Nucky's ailing father and the renovation of the ole homestead. A key turning point occurred when Margaret got Nucky to open up to her about his past. He told her about the story involving four kids who stole his prized possession - an autographed glove. Nucky's father challenged him to confront the kids who promptly beat him unconcious. When Margaret responded in horror and exclaimed how horrible it was for his father to let that happen to him. Nucky said, "Sometimes, life is." This is a recurring theme in Boardwalk.

Rothstein's Goons are Plotting

With Meyer Lansky in the picture and Lucky Luciano plotting and scheming to knock off one of Nucky's casinos, things are going to really heat up next week.

Nucky Says Goodbye to the Homestead

After promising the old family home to one of his ward boss Fleming, Nucky sets the home ablaze. Fleming comes to the scene and Nucky hands him a wad of money and tells him to buy a better home. In this case, Nucky wants to move on from that era of his life entirely on his terms.

Jimmy Makes a New Friend and Pearl's Slasher

When Jimmy is at the Veteran's Hospital he meets a war hero who had his face blown off, by the name of Richard Harrow (played by Jack Huston - the grandson of John Huston). Harrow was a master sniper in WWI and helps out Jimmy in a big way at the end of the episode. Jimmy finally meets the S.O.B. who slashed Pearl's face a few episodes back and tells the goon a story about how he let a German soldier die a torturous death over the course of several days when he was stuck on barbed wire. Suffice it to say, Jimmy didn't make the goon wait too long to die. He exited the diner and Harrow's bullet promptly went through his head. The episode ended in brilliant fashion with Harrow packing up his sniper rifle and exiting an upstairs room, to the "Phantom of The Opera Song."

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