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Fashion Magazine ELLE and Sebastian Professional Celebrate 25th Anniversary of Shaper Hairspray at Philly's 'Giovanni & Pileggi's'



Laini Bianculli, Fashion/Beauty Consultant


"Your Colour Palette" with Laini Bianculli.Iconic style never needs an introduction but it should be embraced for its quintessential superiority, expertise, and history and what better way to celebrate 25 years of pure classics than dressed in Philadelphia, so rich in its own culture and timeless classics.

The legendary fashion magazine ELLE  along side renowned Sebastian Professional hair care products celebrated Wednesday evening with a “Holiday Style Refresh” 25th anniversary event for the famous Shaper Hairspray (known now as Re-Shaper) hosted by Philadelphia’s own Giovanni & Pileggi salon. The combination made for a trifecta of success and YOUR COLOUR PALETTE  was there to enjoy in and share the moment.

It was the perfect fall night not to “stylecrastinate” but to wear your skinny jeans, luscious suede over-the-knee boots, carry your fabulous new fall handbag and drape yourself in soft layers to chase away the chill in the November air. Once inside the beautifully restored historic 1840’s Georgian style townhome headquarters of Giovanni & Pileggi, the warmth of the smiles that greeted you made you feel like you were home sitting by your fireside. All of the Giovanni & Pileggi expert stylists were hard at work showcasing their talents with Sebastian Professional products forecasting the upcoming holiday hair trends.

The year was 1985 when Sebastian Professional hair care launched Shaper Hairspray. Fashion Magazine ELLE and Sebastian Professional celebrate 25th anniversary of Shaper Hairspray at Philly's 'Giovanni & Pileggi's'It has been spritzed and sprayed on tresses worldwide ever since and is a constant of YOUR COLOUR PALETTE.

“We felt this was such a unique opportunity to celebrate 25 years of ELLE’s U.S. print edition magazine and 25 years of Shaper Hairspray,” says Stefeni Bellock, Integrated Marketing Manager of ELLE.

Sara Goetz, Key Account Technical Trainer at P&G Salon Professional, proudly reflected on the effect Sebastian Professional has had not only on fashion, but entertainment as well.

“The Sebastian Professional line prides itself on being a visionary of pop culture,” notes Goetz.

With its ultimate collection and “shape-shifting” style there is a product for all hair types and signature designs.

While we all mingled and reminisced on big hair gone bye-bye, (though some regrettably didn’t get to experience the big hair days) we concluded that what’s old is new again, only so much better. Appreciate the idea of growing older and be sure that the knowledge and life experiences that you own are unique and priceless.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at laini@yourcolourpalette.com [or on Facebook: Laini.Bianculli.]