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Boardwalk Empire Episode 10 Recap: Paz De La Huerta Steals The Show


In Episode 9 of Boardwalk Empire, Agent Nelson Van Alden's insane lust for Margaret starting to come to a head. This week on Episode 10 "The Emerald City" things reached the boiling point. Ultimately, the scene which will be talked about involves Paz De La Huerta's character Lucy . More on that later. Once again, Jimmy shows us he's a man on the rise in AC and won't take any nonsense or even someone running their mouth. More on that later too. Many things happened last night, so I'll focus on the majors.

Al Learns It's Time To Grow Up

Torrio read Al the riot act after he pulled a prank during a meeting. Later on Al learns it's time to grow up when he has a very amusing conversation with a Rabbi who  told him he wears a child's hat.  It still seems like he'll turn on Torrio and kill him, but he surprises us and apologizes for interrupting the meeting. Torrio can't have any nonsense any longer. Al understands that it's serious business in serious times.

Van Alden Strikes Out With Margaret and Goes For Lucy

Van Alden's days on Earth will probably be numbered when Margaret informs Nucky of Van Alden's latest episode where he tried to "rescue" her from a life of crime. Van Alden, who came into her home had the cajones to show Magaret her photo from when she was 16-years-old. As if that wasn't creepy enough he admitted to her that every night he looks at her photo and see a face of "hope." She realizes what's going on and insists he get out of her house. Van Alden, oblivious to rational discussion at this point simply tells her she is damned to a life of evil and will burn in hell. This begs the question? Is Van Alden a religious phanatic or just simply insane? In my humble opinion, he's a creep with serial killer tendencies who masquerades as a Federal Agent. Later on the episode Van Alden goes to the dark side (so to speak) and hit up a local bar and orders some shots. He then sees Lucy Danziger (Paz De La Huerta) sitting across the room. He joins her. In less time than it takes to tie your shoes, Van Alden and Lucy engage in one of the most graphic sex scenes ever seen on TV. The talk of today is Paz De La Huerta's full frontal nudity sex scene. Even though Episode 10 is about far more than Van Alden and Lucy hooking up, this graphic scene stole the show last night.

Jimmy Learns of "The Kissing Friend"From Tommy

Jimmy, Angela and their son Tommy are walking along the boardwalk when his son runs up to a shop window and says "There's Mommy's kissing friend." Jimmy promptly goes inside and drags out the photographer who was hooking up with his wife and makes a statement to the onlookers that this man "had relations with his wife while he was off at war." I was certain Jimmy killed him once he picked that bedpost up in the air and the screen went black. In movies this is known as the "kill shot" when someone is about to finish a character off. Turns out he just had several broken ribs and a fractured jaw. Angela has had enough of Jimmy and visits the photographers wife who she's been hooking up with and they decide to run off to Paris together.

Nucky and Company Send a Message to Rothstein

Turns out that Doyle is actually on Nucky's side. He was working on the inside with Rothstein and agrees to spill the beans. To make a long story short, they get Chalky to woo the D'Allessio brothers and Mayer Lansky with a partnership. They agree and come to the rendezvous point. Shortly they learn they're going to be executed by Jimmy. One of the brothers keeps running his mouth and Jimmy makes it a point to him that he wasn't going to kill him (yet) but had no choice when he kept running his yap. The other brother makes the sorry mistake of telling Chalky that he'll be strung up even higher than one of his guys several episodes back. Chalky calmly picks up him by his neck, drags him to the pole and strangles him to death in a brutal execution scene. Lansky is all but certain he will die when Nucky lets him go so he can tell Rothstein what he witnessed.

As I said last week, there's no way Rothstein will be whacked anytime soon, but we can be assured the bleep will hit the fan next week. There are just two episodes of Boardwalk left and lots of loose ends that need to be tied up. Boardwalk Empire is now no worse than the second best show on TV with Dexter being #1. Boardwalk is a close #1a in just it's first season.

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