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Boardwalk Empire Episode 11 Recap: Van Alden Kills In The Name Of Jesus


Last week on Episode 10 of Boardwalk Empire, Paz De La Huerta stole the show for her sex scene with Agent Van Alden despite some key turning points involving Al, Jimmy, Nucky, Chalky, and Lansky.

This week on Episode 11, entitled "Paris Green", it was a low key episode, which was lacking on the bloodletting and for good reason. Call it the calm before the storm. Next week will be the season finale and it's not a matter of what will go down, but just who will go down. This week features a few falling outs involving Nucky, Jimmy finding out who his father is, and another shocking scene with Van Alden.

Jimmy Discovers the Identity of his Dying Father Who Gets Second Lease on Life

Were you wondering who the heck the Commodore was? In case you're struggling with the plot-lines, he's the older fella that has been dying. Nucky paid him a visit a few episodes back and he told him who to (not) run for Mayor. Turns out, he's Jimmy's Dad. Jimmy clearly has a cold, distant relationship with the man who had relations with his mother when she was just 13 years old and he was 54 at the time. For any normal human being, that would probably sting a bit. In a powerful scene, The Commodore tells Jimmy that before he got to Atlantic City it was a "bleeping swamp." He then tells Jimmy that the "wrong man" is running Atlantic City and he wants him to be in Nucky's shoes. Later on we discover that Jimmy's mom was poisoning the Commodore so as to get his money when he passes away. He got a second lease on life when the arsenic poisoning stopped. It will be interesting to see how the Commodore influences the direction of the show now that he clearly doesn't like Nucky running things in AC.

Margaret Realizes She's Just One of Nucky's Pawns and They Have a Falling Out

Margaret walks in on Nucky when he's chatting it up with one of his ladies from the past who promises to deliver him something in return. Their relationship disintegrates quickly when Margaret confronts Nucky about the information Van Alden supplied to her - with regards to having her husband murdered. Nucky didn't deny it (as he later told Eli) and they reached the point of no return. It's no surprise that Margaret packed up her belongings and her children and booked.

Eli and Nucky Have a Falling Out...Eli Out as Sherrif

This isn't just one of those average brotherly arguments. Eli is sickened over Nucky telling Margaret about his involvement in the murder of her husband. "I've got 8 kids to support" - he tells Nucky. The argument boils over when he tells Nucky basically that nobody would give him the time of day if he didn't have the access and power he possesses. Nucky retorts by telling him he's basically Hardeen to his Houdini and nobody would care about him if he wasn't Nucky's brother - in so many words. Fast forward a few scenes later and Nucky tells his men that Eli has turned in his resignation and he offers his star to Halloran if he wants it. He kindly accepts.

Angela Heading to Paris...Not so Fast

Angela has her bags packed and is ready to head to Paris with her lover when she comes to the photo studio and a man sweeping up tells her they already left. Her heart is shattered. When she sneakily arrives home she finds the farewell card gone from the bed. Jimmy knows what her intentions were and is so angry he won't even speak to her. He just tells Tommy that his mother will tuck him in and shuts the door...ala Godfather Part I style.

Van Alden Kills in The Name of Jesus

Van Alden is hell-bent on getting information out of Agent Sebso. He smells something rotten in Denmark after Sebso allegedly shot the witness out of self defense. Sebso and Van Alden head out to the woods on the hunt for an illegal distillery when they stumble upon a baptism ceremony. Later on in Episode 11, Sebso informs Van Alden that he wants to transfer to Detroit because he cannot handle the black cloud in the form of Van Alden's distrust of him, which hangs over his head every single minute that he's working with him. Van Alden tells him there's a way he can gain his trust. They go back to the middle of nowhere and meet the Deacon and his congregation. He walks hand-in-hand with Agent Sebso in the water and promptly drowns him after he refuses to "confess to his sins and accept Jesus Christ as his lord and savior." Not only is Van Alden insane, but he has reached that level of insanity reserved for dictators and religious phanatics - where he is willing to take a life in the name of God. Nothing is really shocking when it comes to the insane Van Alden any longer.

There are without a doubt many, many things which need to be wrapped up in the season finale. What will happen to Torio's operation in Chi-town? What about Lucky and Rothstein? Will there be another attempt on Nucky? Will someone from the Deacon's congregation spill the beans about Van Alden? He did afterall committ first degree murder in front of a few dozen people. What will become of Jimmy and his wife's relationship?

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