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Vampire Diaries: The Plot to Kill Kat


Prior to Thursday night's new Vampire Diaries  episode, Philly2Philly's Diane Cooney Vampire Diaires photo courtesy of CW.will recap the previous week's events. Feel free to join in, or debate, just keep it clean. That means no blood!!

Damon hands Caroline a glass of red…. Stefan comes into the room asking, “What happened”. Caroline saw Katherine, and proceeds to tell her story of how Katherine grabbed her in the bathroom. Katherine demanded that Damon and Stefan hand over the moonstone at the Masquerade Ball.

The boys argue over who gets to kill her. Stefan announced he would, which was a nice change.

Matt, Jeremy and Elena bring Jeremy home from the hospital, apparently Jenna thinks she “walked into a knife”. Poor Jenna, in pain, and you think you’re an idiot – that’s just extra cruel.

Katherine is renting a room at some old lady’s house, and she pulls hour her dress for the masquerade ball. A mysterious woman sneaks into her room and Katherine goes into attack mode. Turns out her guest is a witch – how’s under some kind of mild duress to come when Katherine beckoned. Katherine invites her to come to the ball has her “date."

Bonnie arrives at the Salvatore house, armed with her grimoire. Jeremy walks by and announced, “we’re going to kill Katherine.” Stefan says to her, “I can explain, we’re going to kill Katherine.” Love his undeadpan delivery.

Ric gives a primer on how to kill with his cool anti-vamp gadgets. Bonnie is still hemming and hawing about helping. Stefan convinces her that they need her special skill set. She offers to cast a spell to trap Katherine – at the party. Elena walks Matt to the door and he asks if she’s going to the ball. He pulls the “I’ll always be there for you line”. Guess hope springs eternal for Matt?

Most of the gang will be at the ball, except for Ric, who is going to stay with Jenna and keep Elena occupied. Damon makes sure everyone’s in on the plot, and he promised to steak Katherine in the heart.

The Lockwood estate looked amazing – the locals must have loved playing the extras. Carol and Taylor Lockwood bond for a moment in study. Tyler apologizes to his mother.

Katherine impersonating Elena walks over to Matt and reinforces her miserable plot to turn Tyler into a werewolf. Meanwhile, Tyler Matt and the coeds do a little pre party prep in Tyler’s father’s study.

When Elena hears that even her anti social brother went to the ball, Elena begins to suspect something is up. She confronts Ric, and he’s less than convincing. For the record, Ric might be cute, but he’s a terrible liar, he’s got no sense of improvisation.

Bonnie’s inside the mansion and she feels something strange, and meets Lucy, the other witch. Bonnie asks is she knows her from somewhere. The woman is amused, but says no, they’ve never met. Bonnie and Jeremy walk away.

BTW, how handsome does young Jeremy look in his suit? We’ve seen the Salvatore brothers suit up before – but I think this episode reinforced that Jeremy’s more than the kid brother now. Bonnie and Jeremy setup the room, and have a nice moment discussing their roles in relation to their ancestors. Clearly Jeremy’s wants to do more than read or document what everyone else is up to. Though I think he’s relying on that ring of his to protect him a bit much. Didn’t work for Uncle John that well.

Katherine and Stefan dance, and Katherine tried to convince him to hand the stone over immediately. She randomly points out people she can kill. The girl who was crushing on Matt - Amy - came to an unexpected and sad end – when Katherine pretends to fix her necklace, but instead breaks her spine and then immediately kills her throwing her limp body against Stefan’s like a drunken dance partner.

I hate when she does that – and unfortunately, it makes the Salvatore men look weak, naïve and unprepared. Speaking of naïve, Ric and Jenna fell for the “I’m going to bed” line from Elena who didn’t even walk up the stairs. Ric clearly is no Van Helsing . I know she’s skinny, but wouldn’t anyone hear her footsteps up the stairs?

Jeremy and Bonnie were sitting outside, waiting for their signal. I loved Jeremy’s rambling moment – clearly a teen male mind at work. He asks Bonnie is she wants to dance – and she says no way, and he seems surprised at the brush off – and the perhaps she realizes her mistake – turning down the hot younger man and then says No thank you.

Matt and Tyler and their lone female friend are doing more drinking. The wonder where Amy is…. Sorry guys, you don’t want to know.

Jeremy walks up to Katherine while she’s talking to Lucy, and he calls her Elena. He gives her a message that Damon and Stefan are by the lake with the moonstone. She goes inside and grabs Caroline and threatens her in the bathroom. I get it, but that device is getting old. Caroline, after a fair amount of threatening, spills the beans and tells Katherine that Bonnie is upstairs with the stone. Katherine pulls her along til Caroline shows her the right room. Katherine walks him and asks where’s Bonnie. At first it sounds like Caroline might still be crying – but no she’s laughing. “I did it. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it …but I fooled you.” She’s practically beaming from raccoon eyes.

Katherine calls out for Stefan, and she tells him that he can’t kill her with the little stake in her hand…. But Damon steps out from the bathroom with one of Ric’s handy toys and sends a stake into her back. At that moment, Elena bends over screaming, and we see a bloodstain begin to spread at the exact same spot where Katherine got staked. I was really panicked that this was part of the weird doppelganger thing… Bonnie figures out that somehow Katherine and Elena are connected, and it took from the time Jeremy could run from Elena to warn the brothers before they stopped attacking Katherine. Katherine does a little more self-inflicted damage, before the guys get the weapons away from her. Jeremy gets back to tell Bonnie that she was right. Witch Bonnie goes off to find the other witch.

With the three vamps stuck in the room together, Katherine continues her mind games, trying to mess with Damon – who’s less than reliable when his temper kicks in. Katherine comments that she’s trapped with, “The brother that loved me too much, and the one who didn’t love me enough.” Damon finishes, “And the evil slut vampire who only loved herself.”

Matt, Tyler and the drunken classmate are back in the study, and Matt starts acting like an obnoxious ass – but Tyler tries to avoid a confrontation. Of course, that doesn’t work against a poor compelled person. Caroline comes in, pulls the two guys apart, and she knows Matt out cold, and a bewildered Tyler watches.

“Matt failed. If Matt fails I can’t,” so Tyler gets stabbed by the other party girl – near his shoulder – and as he pushes her away she falls back, her head snapped as she falls against the desk. I was actually surprised it was that quick – but it was a bit of foreshadowing as she’s the one that fell down the stairs a few weeks ago.

Stefan figures out that Katherine bargained the moonstone away to George Lockwood back in 1864. Katherine tries to distract him, “I love you in a suit – so dashing”… but I think Nina’s trying too hard – I think she’s slipping into some weird pouty pronunciation at times.

Bonnie confronts Lucy, and Lucy plays it cool….at first, but Bonnie doesn’t back down, and Lucy explains that she owes Katherine – because she saved her life once. Bonnie puts her hand on Lucy –and Lucy senses that Bonnie has the moonstone. Then Lucy grabs her arms – and the room does some weird vibrational thing – and at first I think Bonnie’s been compelled….

Damon grabs a stake and slams Katherine against the wall. Stefan stops him. Lucy comes up holding the moonstone and tells Katherine the spell in the room has been lifted, and that her debt is paid. Lucy hands her the moonstone, and once Katherine has a firm grip on it, she begins choking as if she can’t breathe. Lucy tells her, “You should have told me another witch is involved…she’s a Bennett witch, but you probably new that.” Katherine collapses and sure looks dead. Lucy addresses the brothers one more time, and says simply, “I apologize for my involvement.”

Back downstairs… Carol Lockwood is talking to Caroline, who comes up with the alibi to account for their classmates. Carol has called the Sheriff, and then heads out to find her. Caroline and Tyler talk – and Tyler doesn’t think she understands the implication of what happened – but she makes it clear by asking if his wound heal that she knows about the curse.

Bonnie and Lucy figure out their grandmas were sisters, which makes them, what second or third cousins? I never remember how that works. Lucy tells her to stick with being in the middle of things –since Bonnie is a good witch. Jeremy walks up in time to gallantly offer Bonnie a ride home.

Elena and Stefan meet up by the lake, and Elena breaks it to him that she can’t be with him til she believes everyone will be safe. He’s thoughtful, but no crying. I guess since they handled Katherine, perhaps he’s thinking it won’t be that long before he can guarantee the safety of the happy crew.

Katherine wakes up in the crypt, and the moonstone is lying beside her. Katherine tells him he should have killer her, but he tells her that would have been too good for her. As he’s closing to tomb, she tells him Elena’s in danger, and he stops for a moment, but she won’t say who, so he looks at her and says, “you’re always lying”. As the door starts to close, she says someone’s has to protect the doppelganger. Damon says, “then I will protect her." Seriously, how did Elena get that lucky? Sure, their enemies try to kill her periodically, but she’s got the flawed love of two very loyal men. Nina nailed her ending as she screamed as Damon closed the crypt tight.

Inexplicably, Elena’s walking alone back to her car, wrapping up a phone conversation with Jeremy. She gets to her car, and finds a guy in a super creepy mask grab her. Who the hell was that?


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