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'Megamind' and 'Due Date' in Philly2Philly's Box Offfice Weekend Wrapup


Cartoon Villains and foul mouth bromances top this weekend's box office"Megamind' photo courtesy of Dreamworks.

Adults and little children dominated the box office this weekend as the first slew of holiday oriented cinema debuted across the nation. The animated film Megamind, which featured the voices of such A-list talent as Brad Pitt and Tina Fey, opened to a decent $47.6 million. That film performed slightly below expectations, perhaps due to unexpectedly bad reviews.

Due Date, Todd Phillips'  highly anticipated follow up to the sleeper summer hit The Hangover, also underperformed, scoring around $33.5 million. That number is fine, but for a director allegedly on fire, equipped with two actors who are among the hottest of the moment, Due Date’s numbers are a tad off. The real test remains in the coming weeks, which could reveal the film to have strong legs as we enter the thick of the holiday season.

The other movie that opened this weekend, For Colored Girls, debuted decently in third place with $20.1 million. The fairly dark material and specific subject matter would have caused one to think this might open a bit more softly (see Precious). However, Tyler Perry’s  track record in box office success is highly impressive and considering all the factors this film had working against it, this is a respectable opening. The Top 5 rounds out with Red, shooting up another $8.86 million (total $71.9) and also Saw 3-D. which accumulated $8.2 million.

Next week sees the arrival of the quasi chick flick Morning Glory, which should have a lock on the female audience considering the talent involved (Rachel McAdams, screenwriter of Devil Wears Prada). While the girls are cheering along with that movie, their boyfriends can sneak off to Unstoppable, Tony Scott’s unofficial sequel (rip off) of Speed. There also the sci-fi flick Skyline, which covers the very original topic of alien invasion. With that much variety, it will be interesting to see who comes up on top!

Tune in next week.