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Boardwalk Empire Recap Episode 8: Nucky Wants Jimmy Back in AC


Last week in Episode 7 of Boardwalk Empire, Jimmy and Margaret's characters continued their evolution. Margaret (Kelly MacDonald) was back as Nucky's #1 girl. And, Jimmy (Michael Pitt) befriended a fellow WWI Vet (Richard Harrow) who helped him out in a big way. And, Lucky's cronies plotted to knock off one of Nucky's casinos.

Boardwalk Empire - Episode 8 entitled "Hold Me In Paradise" picked up right where Episode 7 left off. The plot to knock off the casino is underway and Nucky headed out to Chi-town for some political wheeling and dealing.

Eli Goes Down Following the Robbery

This week things take a turn for the worse for Nucky while he's in Chicago when his brother Eli takes a bullett to the stomach from one of the bandits who knocked off the casino. Now Nucky has some major decisions to make.

Margaret Earns Nucky's Trust and Does a Show of Strength

Nucky has Margaret tend to his secret files while he's out of town. He's concerned about his information being compromised and trusts Margaret with watching over them until he returns. On another note, a drunken Lucy shows up to the lobby of the Ritz Carlton and starts some BS with Margaret. She's having none of it and slaps Lucy across the face into the next millenium. It was great to see Lucy get hers. Something tells me this isn't the last we'll see of Lucy. She's certainly unstable.

That Money That Jimmy Wasn't Sending...Oh Yeah Van Alden Has It

It turns out that Jimmy was sending money to his wife after all. His wife had all but given up hope on their marriage when she hooked up with a really hot lady friend and confided to her that Jimmy hasn't helped out at all. Jimmy's Mom puts the pressure on her to find work and doesn't seem convinced her fantastic paintings will sell in Greenwhich Village. Back to the money. Turns out that Van Alden has been intercepting Jimmy's mail for a while and hoarding the cash. Not only is Van Alden a creep, but he's a scumbag as well. But, Van Alden has a change of heart later on and then forwards the cash to Angela.

Nucky Asks for Jimmy To Come Back to Atlantic City

In what is sure to be a pivotal moment for the show, Nucky asks Jimmy to come back to Atlantic City. With Eli on the mend following the gunshot wound, there's a lot of uncertainity about the leadership in AC. Jimmy wants to stay, but Nucky makes it abundantly clear that he's just an Irishman to Torrio and Al. Shortly afterwards, the realization sets in when they're playing a cardgame that Jimmy really is an outsider. He's not Italian and will probably only go so far with their crew. Nucky needs Jimmy and Jimmy needs Nucky. They are "under seige" as Nucky said and have to strike back. Jimmy is just the guy.

Next week look for some retaliation against Lucky and company for their misdeeds. Strike three occurred when Eli took a bullett. First was Chalky's friend who got murdered and then the robbery of the ward boss on the boardwalk. It will certainly be interesting when Jimmy sets foot in AC once again. Van Alden wants to make a name for himself and wants to bring him down.

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