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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: A New Wolf in Town


Prior to Thursday night's new Vampire Diaries  episode, Philly2Philly's Diane CooneyMichael Trevino photo: http://vampiretvshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Vampire-Diaries-Season-2-550x794.jpg will recap the previous week's events. Feel free to join in, or debate, just keep it clean. That means no blood!!

Tyler calls Mason and leaves a message on his machine, a mystery blond listens to the message, and looks troubled.

Bonnie and Elena argue over the moonstone, and Bonnie tucks it in her purse before going downstairs. . Elena steals the stone, but Jeremy and Bonnie were in cahoots, and Jeremy rats her out. When Elena tries to head out, she finds out that she’s locked in the house. It was a cool effect… one that they didn’t use in the tomb sequences.

“You should be glad the witch and I are even getting along.” Damon leaves a care package for Stefan. Damon and Stefan have a repetitive, keep Elena safe conversation.

Tyler tells his mother that he’s going to be out late… and as he heads out of the house, the mystery woman from the opening is at the door, and introduces herself as Jules, a friend of Mason’s. She tells them she’s looking for Mason, and Carol informs her that he’s been back home in Florida for weeks.

Alaric and Jenna are hanging at the Grille, she tells him that she’s been helping a writer who’s working on some historical piece about the town, and that her sister kept most of the archives. Ric notices that Tyler walked in to meet with Caroline.

Damon heads to the Gilbert house to hang out with Elena who apparently lost all track of time. He explains with the full moon that he let Caroline take care of Tyler, because if he bites her Damon has one less thing to worry about. Ever the charmer!

Ric calls Damon to update him that Mason’s now a missing person due to the new girl in town.

Jules calls someone form her phone and tells them that Mason was lying and there’s another werewolf – his nephew. Technically, he’s not a werewolf yet, but since the curse was activated, perhaps she can sense that his transformation in imminent?

Ric and Damon are at the bar at the Grille, and Jules comes. They go through a slightly elaborate scheme where Ric plays the town loser drunk who buys her a drink and Damon’s the nice guy who saves her from his inept clutches. Damon and Jules keep chatting, and she mentions she’s looking for Mason. I thought it was weird that she was surprised they knew each other – because they always struck me as close in age – but of course, if she’s a werewolf, she’s totally wonder why Mason knew him.

Caroline and Tyler begin his preparations in the Lockwood cellar. He has new chains, a big batch of wolvesbane that looks harmless but apparently burns to the touch. He begins to undress and she cries out in distress - may be the dumbest thing she’s said in months. His shorts have an elastic wasteband –so they’ll stay on after he Hulks out. Tyler has wrapped himself in the chains, and he and Caroline try to figure out when the transformation will kick off. He was probably my least favorite character last season – but I think both the writers and the actor Michael Trevino have done a great job creating a more complex performance for him. Watching him struggle and cry out “It hurts, it hurts” - it didn’t sound like him at all - was heartbreaking.

Bonnie returns Luca’s dog tags, and he’s way to quick to forgive her. Even if he’s crushing on her, seriously, causing the nosebleed wasn’t a turnoff? He shows her the pile of grimoires  his father has been collecting. Luca and Bonnie end up on top of some building in town and begin to de-spell the moonstone.

Katherine starts to bug Stefan, and she removes her dress revealing her tiny tiny waist, what is this the 14 century? She starts to kiss him, and before long, he’s shirtless, and they are making out against the wall…. But Stefan wakes up, to watch Katherine smirking at her effective dream. I do feel a bit bad for Stefan, he’s stuck with her yammering on all the time, and when he tries to sleep – she creates even more problems.

Elena helps Jenna move some boxes (out of the cupboard under the stairs, fun) and when Jenna turns, we see Elijah, who introduces himself like a normal human being. He thanks Jenna for “welcoming me into your home” when will she learn? Elena goes to find Jeremy, but Elijah’s already upstairs and warns her to keep quiet.

Elijah and Elena have a really interesting conversation – he explains that his goal “is not to break the curse."  Of course not – he has no reason to break it, since he’s one of the originals who can walk in the sun without one of those magical witchy rings. He does want to stop swarms of other vampires taking Elena to Klaus. Elijah offers her a deal - together they will draw out Klaus. Elijah says Bonnie and his witch can protect everybody that matters. That might be a bit optimistic against the king vampire, but I’ll play along. Elena has one more request before she agrees.

Jules picks up the drink and then puts it down and turns to Damon, “you fool”. She reminded me of the wolf from the three little pigs – lots of huffing and puffing, and warning him that he’s marked. I’m not impressed. Damon follows her out of the Grille. Ric warns him to pay attention to the full moon in the sky. I think Ric and Damon are becoming my new favorite couple on the show.

Caroline tries to hold on to Tyler as the transformation continues. He warns her to go – but she won’t, until the creepy bone crunching transformation kicks in. She locks the door behind her, sobbing outside. He begins to break through the door, so she runs out into the night, alone.

Damon heads home to find a contrite Rose. The wolf breaks in and take a bit bite to her shoulder. Rose is panicked but then as the bite begins to heal, she cries with relief.

Luca hands over the moonstone to his father, and says Bonnie didn’t suspect a thing. Before he can head to bed, his father says there’s one more spell left to cast for Elijah.

Katherine and Stefan have their boring talk, she can’t be trusted, she still loves him, whine whine, self-preservation. Katherine tells Stefan to follow up with Isobel, who may know how to find Klaus.

Elijah shows up and tells Stefan that he’s been released. He steps out of the curse. Elijah turns to Katherine and compels her not to leave the tomb until he comes back to say its ok. Katherine doesn’t appear to know what happened. She begs for Stefan to help, but he looks at her coldly and say, “Good bye, Katherine."

Caroline goes back to Tyler, who’s survived his traumatic evening. One can only guess what’s going to happen between those two – that was a seriously intense bonding session. It’s great to see her stick by him through the whole thing.

Elena and Stefan have romantic reunion when he arrives at her house. I’m surprised how quickly they freed him from the tomb….but it makes sense because conversations with Katherine get so repetitive.

Rose and Damon have a great chat - he actually admits that he’s glad the wolf curse was a bust. “I don’t love men who love other women – I think more of myself than that”….but she volunteers to be his “special friend." As he kisses her, he has his hand on the back of her shoulder, she cries out, and they look to see the bite even worse than when it first happened.



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