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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: Elena has a New Ally


Prior to Thursday night's new Vampire Diaries  episode, Philly2Philly's Diane Cooney will recap the previous week's events. Feel free to join in, or debate, just keep it clean. That means no blood!!

Here we go:

Elena hears something, so she’ walking around the house and runs into Alaric, strategically holding a bowl of chunky monkey in front of his boxers. Jenna comes out, embarrassed that they caused the ruckus she heard. No need to apologize, Aunt JennaThe Vampire Diaries photo: Courtesy of http://www.tvovermind.com/cable/thecw/the-vampire-diaries/sneak-peek-vampire-diaries-season-2-episode-3/31372 cause, a) we’re happy you’re getting a little lovin, and b) it was Dr. Warlock who stealthily came out and stole a couple of personal items from Elena.

Stefan and Damon go to Katherine, telling her they want to break the curse. She tries to bribe her way out of the tomb. That’s getting a bit old, honestly.

At school, Bonnie and Luca end up chatting about their witchy backgrounds, Luca is amazed she only recently found out about her abilities. She explains about her trouble now that she’s trying to practice more advanced magic. He mentioned nosebleeds are caused by doing too much magic alone. The key is to work with another or draw strength from the elements. The swap jewelry, and begin a little experiment in the middle of the campus. Jeremy walks up – oblivious to the magic but aware that Luca may have the advantage.

Elena heads over to the Salvatore house – and Rose saunters to the door in a robe thinking it was Damon. Poor Elena, walking in on everyone else in various degrees of undress.

Elena wants to meet Slater to get more information about Klaus. Rose tries to talk her out of it – and Elena’s not having any of it. She offers to hook her up with her own day walking ring if she helps. Unfortunately, they found his lifeless body – what can I say, he didn’t disintegrate, so I was hopeful! I still think that was very short sighted of the writers to kill him off so quickly. They look through his files – and aren’t getting anywhere when they discover his annoying human girlfriend, Alice.

Tyler and Matt have an awkward make up conversation. Poor Matt. I wish the writer’s did more with his character. He has no idea that he was compelled by a vampire. Caroline talks to him – but he looks overwhelmed and walks away. Caroline offers to channel her control freaky planning to help Tyler figure out how he’s going to handle his first werewolf transition.

Tyler and Caroline check out the cellar on the old Lockwood property. He figures Mason might have been using it. It’s clear that previous Lockwood wolves hid out there. While they are surveying the old chains and the room, Caroline finds a journal with a memory disk tucked in the back.

Bonnie, Damon, Stefan and Jeremy come up with a plan to get the moonstone from Katherine. Bonnie needs something of Katherine’s and Stefan offers up the infamous picture that featured so prominently in Season 1.

She burns it, and will be able to use the ash to render Katherine temporarily powerless – so the guys can grab the moonstone.

Alice appears distraught, but Rose tells Elena she was dating him hope he would turn her. Guess for all his studies, he preferred his lady friends a bit dumb. Elena tricks her into helping them find his remote data stash. Elena tells Alice to email Cody, the vamp who had access to Klaus, that she was turning herself in.

Jeremy sneaks over to the tomb, armed with one of Alaric’s gizmo’s and half of the ashes from Bonnie’s spell. He shoots Katherine, and doses her, and he finds the moonstone, but Katherine regains consciousness in time to take a big bite. Fortunately, he has decent aim, so he’s able to throw it out of the tomb. Stefan and Bonnie come into the tomb, find the stone, and find a bloodthirsty Katherine with Jeremy in her grasp.

Elijah and Luca’s dad, aka the bad warlock, use the stuff stolen earlier to create an Elena-finding spell. She looks out the window at Slater’s apartment to see a vision of Elijah staring back at her. Spooky!

Stefan needs Bonnie to lift the spell so he can get Jeremy out of the tomb. Bonnie starts the spell – and begins to draw energy from Luca. He realizes what’s going on – but doesn’t tell his father.

Caroline and Tyler are at her house, watching the video Mason created capturing his transformation on video. It’s great to see Taylor Kinney back – even if it’s a few flashbacks. Tyler is seriously freaked out when five hours into the transformation, Mason looks tormented.

Rose called Damon to warn him that Elena’s trying to get to Klaus and he arrives to drag her back to Mystic Falls. “I don’t want to be saved. Not if it means that Klaus is going to kill every single person that I love.” For those keeping score, that’s the second time Elena’s included Damon in her big love list.

Bonnie keeps drawing power from Luca, so his father knows. Bonnie and Luca collapse, and the spell doesn’t lift. Stefan makes sure Bonnie is ok before he runs into the tomb, and pushes Jeremy out and into Bonnie’s arms.

Tyler asks Caroline why she’s helping him. She tells him it seems like he needs a friend. She tells him how she was alone when she was turned, and someone died as a result. Matt shows up at her door, and Tyler definitely kills the cozy vibe that he and Caroline were sharing.

A couple of vamp goons show up to take Elena, but Elijah comes up from behind. Cody quickly explains that they were bringing Elena to Klaus. Rose runs away. After Elijah confirms they didn’t tell anyone else, he rips their hearts out. Damon looks annoyed that Elijah stole his trick. Elijah zooms away, leaving Damon and Elena speechless.

Bonnie and Jeremy hash out their unresolved tension by pointing out how stupid they both were earlier in the evening. Jeremy tries to make a move, but Bonnie says she can’t be with him…. Is it his back luck (two dead exes, and he’s only 16?) or is it that she prefers Luca?

Damon and Elena are at her house, puzzling out what just happened, and when Jeremy opens the door they see the gauze on his neck, and he simply says, “Stefan." Damon pulls Elena back from the tomb entrance, and he pins her against the wall as she tries to get away to save Stefan. There’s an intimate intensity to their fighting and Katherine smiles, while Stefan has his serious face on. I’m pretty sure I caught Elena checking out Damon’s chest as she was arguing with him.

Stefan tells him that Bonnie has the moonstone, and they should work together to undo the curse. He tells Damon,” promise me…. We’ll protect her. “Damon nods, “I promise.” Katherine tells Stefan, “That right there was the biggest mistake you’ve ever made."

Happy Birthday, Mr. Somerhalder.