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Philly2Philly.com's Most Eligible Singles for February


After much deliberation, nominations, Facebook stalking, and begging, here are the Philly Most Eligible Singles for February. For most eligible guy, we have Spencer Peoples, a dashingly handsome dental student (with great teeth and smile I might add) from University of Penn. And for the most eligible girl, we have the beautiful (and brainy not to mention hilarious) IT gal and Greek goddess Dimitria Pavlides. These two great catches will be at the Hearts for Haiti Valentines/Masquerade Charity Party  this Friday at Sumo Luxe Lounge, if you would like to meet them in person and maybe score a quick Valentine’s Day date. Please read over the details on these two fab singles and let me know if you think they’d be a good match together. Can Spencer’s Crest worthy smile and love of football win over Dimitria? Can Dimitria teach this dental student some computer tips and travel the world with her? Or if you think they are not a good match together, but that you or a friend would be a great match for them, please feel free to email me your information at helene@philly2philly.com and I’ll gladly pass it along. Here are the interviews and comparisons of our eligibles for February and may Cupid’s arrow strike!


Dimitria PavlidesFirst name: Dimitria

Occupation: Internet Advertising Sales

Age: 33

Current dwelling: Center City

Favorite restaurant: Amada

Favorite bar: Caprice in Mykonos, Greece

Current cell phone: Blackberry

Hobbies/interests: Anything that makes me laugh hysterically, eating, painting, traveling, entertaining, P90x, hosting late night Wii parties at my apt, living…and lots and lots of hair products!

Favorite sports team: Whatever you want it to be! I don’t care about the team only the company.

Must haves in a mate: Fun, charming, interesting, and passionate!

Dating Dealbreakers: If it takes him longer to get ready for the date than me, it's a no go!

Interesting Facts about you: I’ve been on a helicopter twice; once in Hawaii for the view and once in Tahoe for heli-skiing. I’m half Greek/half Italian and grew up in a household full of grandparents, aunts and cousins who always found an excuse to move into the basement!


Spencer PeoplesFirst name: Spencer

Occupation: Dental Student

Age: 27

Current location: Philadelphia

Favorite restaurant: Villa de Roma, Melegrano

Favorite bar: Open Bar!!

Current cell phone: iPhone

Hobbies/interests: Tennis, the beach, warm weather, cocktails, Coors Light, being active, traveling, watching football.

Favorite sports team: Michigan Wolverines, AZ Cardinals / Suns / DBacks

Must haves in a mate: Good sense of humor; someone who can hold a decent conversation; someone who likes to be active and is also adventurous; someone with a good heart and a soft side; if a girl has a clean criminal record, I'm into that too.

Dating Dealbreakers: If a girl looks like she can beat me up, then it’s a no go. If a girl wants to bring their mom on a date, definitely a no go.

Interesting Facts about you: I'm Black Irish. I've lived in 5 states: Michigan, Arizona, New Mexico, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. Went to New Mexico Military Institute for high school. Played tennis at New Mexico State University.


Ex-Bachelor star and winner Helene Eksterowicz is also a co-writer of a dating/self help book called "Nobody’s Perfect" featured on Amazon.com  and Barnes and Noble  a few years ago. Drawing from her reality show dating experience, her background in psychology, and her belief in true love and relationships, Helene is setting out to bring some love back to Philly and help spotlight some eligible singles in order to hopefully find some love matches for others. You can contact Helene at helene@philly2philly.com


10:17 AM
Thu Feb 11 2010
Warm up tomorrow at Sumo!!

If you'd like to meet our Most Eligible Singles for February, Spencer and Dimitria, please come out to Sumo tomorrow nigh for our Hearts for Haiti event.  The party starts at 9:30 at Sumo at 12th and Samson with $5 drink specials, $5 minimum donation for Save Haiti Saturday, tons of candy for all, and a plenty of fun, fab people! Please see the Facebook invite for more details at:


Hope to see you all there!  Have a great Valentine's weekend!