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Philly2Philly talks with She's Out of My League stars Jay Baruchel and Nate Torrence


The 90’s raunch of American Pie  meets the sweet affable nature of Judd Apatow in She’s Out of My League, a new film hitting theatres this week. Stars Jay Baruchel  and Nate Torrence  stopped by Philly2Philly to talk about the great chemistry within the cast, weird high school nicknames, and why the film isn’t just another typical romantic comedy.

Philly2Philly: One of the most important things about the film, and something that worked so well was overall chemistry between the cast. How did you all get to bonding?

Jay Baruchel: Whenever you get together with a group of guys you don’t know, you never know how it’s going to turn out. And mercifully, they Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve of "She's Out of My League."were three wonderful guys, and because we filmed in a city that none of us lived in or knew anybody, we spent all of our time together. Turns out we really fucking found each other hilarious.

Nate Torrence: It’s one of those like where in comedy you never know if you’re going to have the same sense of humor. That was the huge thing starting off I was like we can’t all think the same things are funny, but then with we started making each other laugh. So what’s great is not only did we not have to fake it, but there are these great moments that made edits into the scene with genuine laughs and looks. I was actually breaking character sometimes.

JB: We were just trying to make each other crack up. I imagine those kind the special features in the DVD will be longer than the movie.

P2P: Did the romantic chemistry with Alice (co-star Alice Eve) come just as easy?

JB: Definitely. It was obvious we were going to get the awkward stuff down pat. What mattered more was would the audience buy that our relationship was real in any way, and so we had a week or two in Pittsburgh when we hadn’t started shooting yet, so when I wasn’t hanging out with the guys Alice and I made a concerted effort to hang out together. We just did normal stuff: running errands, dinner, room service with movies, and I think if we’ve done our jobs correctly hopefully it reads on camera

P2P: There were some raunchy bits in the movie. One involved shaving a scrotum. Were these improvised scenes and what was it like filming those moments?

JB: Every line of dialogue in that scrotum scene is in the script. Well, “shitty tits”, I made that expression up.

NT: Well one, Jay was lucky enough to have a butt and balls (laughs) double for that, but he was there to support from a distance. Everything was Nate Torrence. Photo: http://z.about.com/d/movies/1/0/w/c/R/getsmartprempic3.jpgcovered up, but it was still an awkward day! I think that there was a choice that could be made with a scene like that. Are you gonna go for the way too awkward gross out, or play it in other cheap ways. The one thing I was hoping to do was play it as innocently as possible.

JB: The scene was turned into an affectionate moment as much as possible. We had no interest in doing the obvious, latent, gross out, homophobia, stupid thing.

P2P: Jay, do you see a lot of yourself in the character of Kirk? Are you the genuine nice guy or more of a bad ass?

JB: Any part any actor plays has parts of them in it. Yes and no. I like to think I dress a bit better than he does (laughs), but ah no I mean for sure a little. It wouldn’t have worked if I didn’t put my heart into it. I think I am way crazier than Kirk is though. They airbrushed my tattoos. I live a much weirder life that he does, without giving too many examples. Every time I wrap a movie, I go home, get a wee bit inebriated, and shave my hair into a mo-hawk.

P2P: Did you guys have any embarrassing high school nicknames?

NT: Oddly enough it sounds like the most intimidating thing, but I was known as T for my last name Torrence. Nothing horrible, not T. bag, just T.

JB: I didn’t get any clever ones. It was always like hey asshole, pussy, stuff like that. The most creative I ever got was Jay Birdys**t, trying to bastardize my last name, which doesn’t even make much sense.

P2P: Jay, You have a quite a few varied film projects coming up. There are two movies this summer, one big animated DreamWorks movie and another live action film with Nicolas Cage. Do you have a genre of film you prefer to work on?

JB: As an actor, I just like doing whatever gets me excited. Like, would I want to see this or spend my twelve bucks on this? Also, am I going to enjoy myself being there every day? I know that sounds negligible, but like sometimes on movies the longer end is seven months, so I have to be psyched to show up every day. I don’t know if I have one preferred genre though. If it’s good it’s good. Good movies are good movies.

P2P: Adding to that, the last couple of years you have really started to break out. Have you seen your life change at all?

JB: No I have not seen a change in my life simply because I have been labeled ‘the one to watch next year’ for the last ten f*****g years! Million Dollar Baby, Knocked Up, Tropic Thunder, She’s Out of my League. I was always about to break out according to everyone. I keep working, so that’s amazing, because less than a quarter of actors can support themselves on their craft. I have cash to buy DVD’s and I have a nice TV, but not really much change otherwise.

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