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Philly2Philly reviews She's Out of My League


She’s Out of My League makes a convincing case for loveable geeks everywhere. Can a nice, funny, but relatively unattractive 5 nab a hot successful worldly 10 merely on his charm and genuine good heartedness alone. The journey to answer that question is a fairly generic one, but She's Out of My League. Photo: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/movie_reviews/b171330_review_shes_out_of_my_league_just.htmlShe’s Out of My League is still a pretty darned sweet affair.

The movie begins by introducing us to Kirk (Jay Baruchel), an all around nice guy who hasn’t made much of his life. He works in a bottom-rung position at the Pittsburgh Airport, surrounded by friends who haven’t exactly mastered the dating scene either. Facing constant derision from his dysfunctional family and skank ex-girlfriend, his already low self-esteem has pretty much been shot to hell.

Thus, his world is literally turned upside down when the visibly gorgeous Molly (Alice Eve) strolls into the Airport and the two have a friendly exchange. That exchange turns into another chance meeting when Molly leaves her phone at the baggage check and asks Kirk to return it at a Museum event later that week. There she asks him to a hockey game and before he knows it, they are on the dating train.

This obviously creates a whirlwind of problems, mostly rooted in the fact that Kirk simply cannot accept a girl as successful and beautiful as Molly would ever date him. On the flip side, Alice’s bitchy, hot topic friend Patti (Krysten Ritter) also suggests that Molly is only pursuing Kurt because she knows he is a safe bet. Meanwhile, the two start encountering speed bumps when they both try to confront their own insecurities in and out of the relationship.

She’s Out of My League is hardly a surprising affair story wise. It coasts along hitting the expected plot points and twists. There is a little dosage of raunch here and there (including a hilarious manscaping scene) but for the most part that kind of American Pie  humor is scant and feels a little out of place.

Because the story is mostly old hat, the chemistry of the cast and the overall well meaning nature of the film is what makes it worthwhile. The guys share a very natural interaction, playing off each other in believable ways that rarely feel forced or awkward. Some of the side characters do teeter between funny and irritating however, and that can detract a bit at times. The romantic leads Baruchel and Eve share engaging screen presence too as well and bring more depth to characters that could be cardboard cutouts. Baruchel’s geek with a heart of gold is perfectly cast, and he creates a character geeks of the world can identify with.

As mentioned, the cast, above average lead performance, and the overall heartfelt tone that permeates She’s Out of My League makes it a cut above the usual teen romantic comedy. More of a 6 instead of a hard 10, it still delivers a worthwhile rendition of a formula that is tried and true at this point.

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