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Philly2Philly.com's Most Eligible Singles for March


After recovering from our hot singles party at Sumo with February’s most eligibles  Spencer and Dimitria, I have found two more awesome catches to highlight for Philly2Philly’s Most Eligible Singles for March. For most eligible chick, we have hot blonde bombshell and entrepreneur/president of Jenna Communications LLC, Jennifer Sherlock. And for most eligible guy, we have Philly’s own McDreamy, Michael Kelly, a handsome surgeon from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Could these two be a good match? Could Jennifer be McDreamy’s Meredith, aka Grey’s Anatomy style? Can Michael be Jennifer’s surgeon in shining armor/scalpel? Let me know what you think of these two matches and if you think maybe you could be a match for one of these fine catches. Feel free to email me your thoughts at helene@philly2philly.com  and please keep the nominations coming for future months. And if you would like to meet these March singles and many others, please join us this Friday, March 19th at Delfrisco's for Happy Hour from 6pm to 9pm with drink specials and private bar area upstairs. Here are the interviews for our picks for March and may the luck of the Irish help find true love for these two awesome eligibles.


Jennifer SherlockFirst name: Jennifer

Occupation: President, Jenna Communications LLC

Age: 31

Current location: Philadelphia

Favorite restaurant in the city: The Capital Grille

Favorite bar: G Lounge

Current cell phone: G1

Hobbies/interests: I love running, the beach, dogs, Philly sports teams, and anything inspirational.

Favorite sports team: Philadelphia Eagles

Must haves in a mate: Confidence & drive. I love entrepreneurship, and the passion behind people who take risks in business and in life. I consider myself that way, and want to find someone who inspires me to keep taking those jumps.


Dating Dealbreakers: Talking about ex's is such a turnoff to me. It makes men sound insecure when they are constantly talking about ex's on a date. The bottom line- I don't care about your ex.

Interesting Fact about you: I used to be a TV reporter and anchor at Fox & NBC stations. I also was an extra on Sex and the City when they filmed an episode in Atlantic City.


Michael KellyFirst name: Michael

Occupation: Surgeon

Age: 34

Current location: Philadelphia

Favorite restaurant in the city: Morton’s

Favorite bar: The Artful Dodger

Current cell phone: iPhone

Hobbies/interests: Reading, golf, snowboarding, all kinds of music, anything that can be played at a bar – pool, darts, etc., good food with good friends, is blackjack a hobby?

Favorite sports team: Phillies!!

Must haves in a mate: Kindness, intelligence, independence, someone who can tolerate my sometimes hectic schedule. Also, not crazy would be refreshing.

Dating Dealbreakers: If you don’t like it when a guy opens your door, pulls out your chair, and pays for dinner, we might have issues.

Interesting Fact: Yoko Ono once gave me a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day.


Ex-Bachelor star and winner Helene Eksterowicz is also a co-writer of a dating/self help book called "Nobody’s Perfect" featured on Amazon.com  and Barnes and Noble  a few years ago. Drawing from her reality show dating experience, her background in psychology, and her belief in true love and relationships, Helene is setting out to bring some love back to Philly and help spotlight some eligible singles in order to hopefully find some love matches for others. You can contact Helene at helene@philly2philly.com