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Philly Beer Scene's 10 Events in 10 Days


For awhile, March was kind of like the second-coming of Groundhog Day. Even if it was still nippy out, we knew spring was right around the corner Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/phillybeerscene/4001339428/in/set-72157622436968867/ and we relished in that moment for a whole week.

Philly Beer Week that is.

But now, the creators of the well-loved week of indulgence and recognition of some of the city’s best brews has decided to make us wait til June 4- 13th to celebrate. To fill both the emptiness in our hearts and our pint glasses, the less-than-a-year-old Philly Beer Scene  magazine is stepping up. Starting March 5th, the magazine — founded by four guys who just want to pay homage to the City Of Brotherly Love’s underapprecaited craft beerscene — is sponsoring 10 events in 10 days. 

“We’re filling the void,” said Neil Harner, one of the magazine’s founders. They will start off with Two Guys On Beer/Great Lakes kick-off party where Great Lakes Brewing will be introducing Holy Moses White Ale. The event will be held at Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse (1823 Sansom St. in Philadelphia beginning at 8 p.m). If you were lucky enough to score tickets to the 4th Annual Philly Craft Beer Festival on Saturday, the magazine has its hands in that as well. Two sessions of the festival will be held at the Philadelphia Cruise Terminal (5100 South Broad St.) There will be more than 50 breweries and 100 beers to sample. Maybe next time you’ll remember to buy tickets early. They won’t have any at the door.

So if you missed out on the festival, there’s no need to worry. The list keeps on going, with a beer, bowling and BBQ event on Sunday in South Philly, a celebration of McGilliins 150th Anniversary on March 8, a night of beer trivia at National Mechanics  on March 9 and a “Meet the Brewers Night" for Prism Brewing on March 10.

Not too hung over yet? Keep going~There will be a Weyerbacher-themed night of some delicious firkins in Langhorne on March 11 and Founders Friday night on March 12 at the South Philly Tap Room, where beer and food will be blended. Ever hear of beer muscles? That will be the focus of the evening on March 12 at the Grey Lodge Pub  when 11 area beer reps will compete in both physical and mental challenges. The 10 days of craft beer craziness will conclude on March 14 with a Beer Geek Brunch at Hawthornes (South 11th Street) where four of the best of the Philly Beer Scene readers’ favorite beer-infused brunches will be featured. "The marathon of events will hopefully keep the interest in Philly Beer Week from waning completely," said Matt Falco, also a co-founder of the magazine. It may also drum up some more support for the emerging craft scene in Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/phillybeerscene/3840006338/in/set-72157622093027936/Philly, which is what the magazine is all about.

To give the beer enthusiasts of the city a chance to make their favorite bars, beers or brewers known, the magazine has put out a survey to determine the best of the Philly Beer Scene. The founders of the magazine sat down and came up with the 35 categories for the survey, with each guy offering up one of their favorite examples for each. Is the best new bar the Varga Bar? Brauhaus Schmidtz? Ressurection Ale House? or The Iron Abbey? Is the best classic bar in NJ or Delaware? Cork? Mexican Food Factory? High Street Grill? Or Uno’s in Maple Shade? Who’s got the best bar food? Monk’s? The Institute? Race Street Cafe? or Misconduct? Who has the best label art? The best tap handle? It’s your turn to vote. “We want people to have the opportunity to speak up,” said Harner. That’s why they’ve also included a 5th option on the multiple-choice survey - other. Its where the survey-takers can make their own suggestion for the winner of each category. "The winner will later be recognized for being the best in the eyes of the public," Harner said.

Find out more about the survey and the 10 events in 10 days on their web site, www.beerscenemag.com

More on Philly Beer Week can be foundhere: www.phillybeerweek.org/

The survey can be found here: http://pro20.sgizmo.com/survey.php?SURVEY=VCS3TEUGLZA99CLFJELX0C1DGRXGL3-239166-67254064&pswsgt=1265598937&sg_r=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.beerscenemag.com.%2F&sg_g=d173489b9f7f06a08460b095b0cf1079&_csg=34t9UySc4gjDA&notice

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