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93.3 WMMR Preston and Steve's 5th Annual Cardboard Classic 2010


cardboard classicEvery year thousands of people ascend to Jack Frost Mountain in the Poconos for Preston and Steve's annual cardboard classic. The cardboard classic is the kick-off to 93.3 WMMR's day off at the slopes. 

The 5th annual cardboard classic greeted the participants and the crowd with great weather and plenty of cardboard classicthrills for 75 minutes.

The cardboard classic is a race amongst Preston and Steve fans who concoct sleds of all shapes and sizes from two components-cardboard and duct tape.

The sledders then race each other down the hill in groups of four.  The designs were wide-ranging.  Some designs were simple, maybe the size of a canoe. 

And, others were quite audacious.  One such design featured a boom box that was about 10 feet high and 20 feet in length.  The sled, which took the cake and ultimately won the 5th annual cardboard classic was the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man sled.  This sled was a 20 foot high version of the monster from Ghostbusters that blew away the competition by flying down the hill as if it was just a few feet high. 

Other crowd favorites included a shopping card sled and the "Looney Tunes" sled, which was a sled composed of various Looney Tunes characters, that finished as the runner-up to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man sled.

The atmosphere of the cardboard classic resembled that of an Eagles tailgate.  Many of the fans there were drunk and rowdy.  According to many people I spoke to, the 2009 cardboard classic lasted four hours last year.  Suffice it to say, Preston and Steve limited the entries this year so as to keep the duration in check. 

This year they started promptly at 10:00 and the final sleds descended down the course at 11:15.  The 2010 cardboard classic may have been just over an hour in length, but there was enough action jammed in there for three hours. cardboard classic

Having seen the cardboard classic for the first time this year I was blown away by the level of thought and preparation that went into all of the sleds.  Some of the sleds had to have taken weeks to construct.  Others only took a few hours believe it or not, like this sled made by these guys in South Jersey.  Dave, John, Ken, and Blake (pictured on the right) managed to put together the "WTF is that?" sled in four hours. 

fans from philly

Many security guards were on hand as well because last year things got really out of hand.  People I spoke to said there was a lot of tomfoolerly taking place last year.  Many snowballs were thrown at people in the crowd.  Added to that, there were even fights that broke out.  Based on what I saw, the crowd while loud and at times rowdy was well behaved. 

One thing that's evident at this event is that the fans come from all over to support Preston and Steve. It speaks to the loyalty of Philadelphia fans in general.  We are loyal sports fans and the same can be said for Preston and Steve's fans.  I spoke to these folks pictured on the left and they made the hike from Philly to take in the event.  All of them except for Michelle (pictured on the left) have been coming to the cardboard classic for five years now. 

Immediately after the conclusion things got crazy as the participants were loading their sleds onto the garbage truck so the cardboard could be shopping cart guyrecycled.  The drunken debauchery rivaled the 2005 NFC Championship Game tailgate. 

All in all I give two thumbs up to the cardboard classic and suggest to anybody who hasn't seen it to go.  There's something for everybody.  You don't have to get loaded to have a good time.  But, there's nothing wrong if you want to.  Beer and snow go hand in hand like ham and cheese.

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