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"Bang Bang" goes Chelsea Handler at Upper Darby's Tower Theater


Chelsea Handler has done it again with the Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang Tour- presented by Belvedere Vodka. Handler's Chelsea Handler at The Tower Theater.dry-wit delivery and absolute hilarity in laughing at herself along with the rest of us was showcased in two sold-out shows at Upper Darby's Tower Theater  this past weekend. Her show, Chelsea Lately on E!  often features Handler ripping on dumb-ass celebs and making zero apologies for her sarcastic no-holds-barred round-table ‘discussions’ with other comedians.

Her tour, on the heels of her new book, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, is selling out everywhere. Her previous two books, My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands, and Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea had me laughing hysterically. Even if you aren’t a big reader, I seriously recommend these books.

Jo Koy (one of Handler’s regular guests on her round table) opened the show with a funny bit on girlfriends begging their boyfriends for permission to go out with the girls (although I say no Philly girl would stand for her boyfriend telling her no), how drunk they get later, and how the boyfriend must always come pick up the drunk chick at 3am. Of course, talk of sex and being a parent were highlighted in the performance as well, with Jo acting out his son telling him off as he leaves for kindergarten. He talked just a bit too much about childbirth and kids (although he did say women are the stronger sex- thank you Jo!) and ending his set ushering these words of advice: "Pull out!!"  Of course, most comedians’ material range from mild to wildly offensive, so the trick is finding the funny in it all.

Since Handler spent most of her set ripping on herself and not taking herself seriously, I found myself laughing a lot. She seemed genuinely happy to be in Philly. As a Jersey girl, she knows the crowd fairly well. Handler discussed going down the shore, her assistant Chuy, her off-the wall family -apparently her father is such a celeb these days (‘He can barely go to the market,’ Handler recalls her dad saying.) and pondered some inane questions- such as ‘Should you give up drinking when you’re pregnant and giving the baby up for adoption?’ and how she hates cats for using a litter box ("Whose great idea was THAT!?," she asks). Handler also talked a great deal on discovering um, "pleasuring herself," shall we say, at age eight, how she didn’t know what it was, and was sure that her family had no clue what she was up to.

During the show, someone brought up a Chuy paper-mache head that they made that left Handler cracking up and wondering what she was going to do with it (although it did bear a stunning likeness to Chelsea’s sidekick assistant). After an hour, she wrapped things up. I was bummed Handler didn’t rip on any celebs, but that’s mostly fodder for Chelsea Lately.

Don’t forget the Comedians of Chelsea Lately Tour coming to The Tower Theater on Friday, June 4th. Performing that night will be Josh Wolf, Loni Love, Brad Wollack  and Chuy Bravo!

Special thanks to Rachel Spivak at LiveNation and Eva Magdalenski at Borderline Amazing Productions for making this possible.

Pictures courtesy of EmKay Anderson.

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