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Philly2Philly.com's Most Eligible Singles for April


The April showers are nearly over and the nice spring weather is finally upon us. Think flowers blooming, birds chirping, spring fever, and possibly a new love interest! Maybe love could blossom with the help of Philly2Philly and the spotlighting of our two new most eligibles for April.There’s Roopal Patel, a hot Jersey (gotta love Jersey girls) but now living in Philly girl with brains, beauty, and a Blackberry. Who could ask for anything more? Ok, let’s add in that she loves sports and is handy around the house. And for the most eligible single guy, there’s Kevin McMonagle, the green eyed cutie who is vice president of an IT consulting company, an Eagles fan, and loves to ski and travel. And he’s also a Blackberry user. Now, who wants their BBM codes?

If you possibly do or maybe just want to attend a fabulous happy hour with fun people, please join us Friday, April 30th at Public House  (1801 Arch St.) from 7-9pm. For a $5 donation to help stray animals in Philly and Jersey, you’ll get a bracelet good for one free happy hour drink and drink and food specials for two hours. As always, feel free to email me your thoughts at helene@philly2philly.com  and please keep the nominations coming in for future months. Here is more information about our fine catches for this month:


First name: Roopal (Roo)Roopal Patel- Philly2Philly Eligible Single Female for April.

Occupation: Investment Management Product Strategy

Age: 34

Current location: Philadelphia (but will always be a Jersey Girl at heart)

Favorite restaurant in the city: Buddakan

Favorite bar: Anywhere with great ambiance, Patron, and a tasty extra dirty martini

Current cell phone: Blackberry

Hobbies/interests: traveling, new experiences, interior design, working out, investing, reading, sports – especially football, and above all – spending time with my family and friends.

Favorite sports team: The Birds…of course

Must haves in a mate: Must definitely be of the opposite sex – ha. In all seriousness, I’m looking for someone who can stimulate me mentally, physically, and emotionally. Intelligence and ambition are the sexiest qualities a man can possess – along with being passionate, honest, genuine, and having the ability to make me laugh.

Dating Deal Breakers:

The inability to pronounce my name correctly (no – it’s not Ru-Paul)

Has drama or baggage (we all have a past but it’s a past for a reason),

Bad teeth

Interesting Fact about you: In high school, I was an all-state, all-American soccer player and actually got recruited to be the kicker for one our football games. I’ve been also known to be called Ms. Bob Villa because I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty and am proud of the fact that I’m pretty handy.


First name: KevinKevin McMonagle-Philly2Philly's Most Eligible Single Male for April.

Occupation: Vice President of an IT Consulting Company

Age: 30

Current location: Philadelphia

Favorite restaurant in the city: I have been to a ton of restaurants in the city but I always go back to Penang, love the mango chicken!

Favorite bar: Ladder 15

Current cell phone: Blackberry (realizing that Verizon is never going to get the iPhone)

Hobbies/interests: Outdoor drinking, skiing, eating out in the city, and I'm really good at sleeping.

Favorite sports team: Eagles

Must haves in a mate: She's gotta be smarter than me (which isn't hard) and be up for anything. My friend keeps telling me that high

maintenance isn't my style but I'm trying to learn that the hard way.

Dating Dealbreakers: Unsolicited advice drives me crazy.

Interesting Fact about you: I work from home mainly, so I travel a lot to keep myself entertained. I usually go skiing in Vail for the

winter and Sea Isle for the summer.

Ex-Bachelor star and winner Helene Eksterowicz is also a co-writer of a dating/self help book called "Nobody’s Perfect" featured on Amazon.com  and Barnes and Noble  a few years ago. Drawing from her reality show dating experience, her background in psychology, and her belief in true love and relationships, Helene is setting out to bring some love back to Philly and help spotlight some eligible singles in order to hopefully find some love matches for others. You can contact Helene at helene@philly2philly.com