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WMMR's Preston and Steve Show does "Eggs With Peg" at Keenan's Irish Pub in North Wildwood


The unofficial "official" kickoff for the summer began this past Memorial Day weekend at Keenan's Irish Pub in North Wildwood,WMMR's Preston and Steve do "Eggs With Peg." New Jersey. This was where 93.3 WMMR's Morning Show With Preston and Steve annually participate in "Eggs with Peg," in which eggs are served with what you wold expect at an Irish Pub.....beer (sponsored by Coors Light), and whatever alcoholic beverage of your choice you desire! Peg of course, is the mother of Sean Keenan, Chief Custodian of Keenan's Pub.

"We wanted the factor of the old lady in the kitchen making eggs and the Irish-South Philly concept of having a pitcher of beer with your eggs in the morning after a heavy night of drinking and getting loaded," says Keenan. "This event started with around 45 people, and now it's come to this."

"This," as Keenan is referring to, were the eager fans (about 1,500 overall) who lined up around the corner (mostly dressed in Flyers attire) at Keenan's at 4:00 am early Friday morning- the doors didn't open until 6. Denise Clark of Horsham, PA, was second in line along with her friends. She insists however, that this is not the earliest time she has partaken in the beverage of her choice.

"No way," laughs Clark. "I have been to several airports while travelling much earlier than this!"

(For a photo gallery of the day, click HERE)

Fittingly, the ceremonies began with a duet of "God Bless America" by Lauren Hart and Kate Smith. After the orange and black balloons dropped from the ceiling. Amongst the heavy chants of "Let's go Flyers," the festivities were officially underway. One of the day's high points was a contest featuring chosen participants who spun the WMMR lucky wheel. If you were lucky, the wheel landed on such prizes as Dave Matthews Band tickets. If you weren't, you could be stuck with a tattoo that you really may not want (although you could pick where you want the tattoo placed). Steve White of Philadelphia, received a tattoo.....of (Click here for the video- and proceed with caution). White, who already has several tattoos, was quite skeptical when the "moment" arrived. "I'm not ready at all, but I'm doing it anyway, said White cautiously. Then came "The Dung Tank." And no, it's not your ordinary dunk tank. Intern Boring Tom was submerged into the most vile forms of filth you can imagine when the selected thrower hit the target.  "What's in my Pants" and  "Take Off Your Bra" were some of the other contests of the day.

Veteran of the Philadelphia Police and Fraternal Order of Police president John McNesby made an appearance to show support for the morning show crew. And Philly native Steve Ward of VH1's "Tough Love: Couples" also stopped by to chat with the Preston and Steve. The biggest ovation of the day however, came from Jordan Knight and Danny Wood from "New Kids On the Block,"  who performed that evening at Borgata. There were rumblings throughout the week that several members of the band would make an appearance, and one member of the crowd was invited on stage to try and emulate the choreographed dances of the group. Knight and Wood were reportedly joking with Keenan about his miniature Stanley Cup replica which he was drinking out of. The two singers, ironically both from Boston, wished Keenan and the Flyers luck (because Philly sports fans are actually part of the team, of course) before they headed back to Atlantic City.

The fun didn't end after 10:00 am, however. Many stayed at the bar for the majority of the afternoon, and most of the Preston and Steve crew stayed and hung out with the enthusiastic but well-behaved crowd. When it comes down to it, you really couldn't think of a better way to kick off the summer of 2010.

Wait a minute. I take that back: I can think of one other way, and it involves orange, black, and a ticker tape parade.


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