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Gilles Marini of "Brothers and Sisters" and "Sex and the City" talks with Philly2Philly.com


Gilles Marini is living the American dream. From heating up the big screen in 2008, with his Gillies Marini of ABC's "Brothers and Sisters" talks with Philly2Philly.comunforgettable steamy role in Sex & the City: The Movie to his graceful and captivating dancing on the reality-competition, Dancing with the Stars, Marini is gaining international acclaim. Before an appearance at Dusk nightclub inside Caesars Casino, the 34 year old said while he's flattered with all of the attention he's received, he is most appreciative for the opportunity to do what he loves. “In America, more than anywhere else in the world, it’s really a place where “no” is not an answer if you want to do something, you just work at it, pay attention to what it is, do whatever you need to do, chameleon yourself into whatever it is you need to be, you try and it works,” says Marini.

Marini was born to a Greek mother and Italian father in France. He worked in his father's bakery from the age of eight, through his high-school years. Marini then joined the French army and was stationed in Paris, as a fireman for the famous Paris Fire Brigade. It was there, that Marini met a famous photographer, who introduced him to the world of modeling. Following the completion of his military duties, Marini decided to move to the United States to learn English and work as a model.

Marini says he always enjoyed trying new things, but on his own terms, “I know it sounds cliché, but I like to be different. A kind of stupid example, if all my friends went very, very fast on a motorcycle, I would do the opposite, if everybody was smoking, I never tried, if people said to me, ‘dude, you cannot do that,’ I will die trying and I was very blessed in life because

I never did died trying it (success) happened because I tried and I never gave up.”

In 2005, Marini made his movie acting debut in the horror flick Screech of the Decapitated, however it was his shower scene in Sex & the City: The Movie that some have called the second greatest shower scene in film history. Marini says he wanted to do something that people would remember, he recalls, “It was very challenging, I was very not worried, because when you portray someone, you pretend, you be the best actor you can. When I got on set, I really pushed the envelope very far to make sure at least it was going to be remembered—it looks like it worked.”

Recently announced, fans will be seeing more of Marini, in his role as Luc Laurent on ABC’s  hit family drama, Brothers & Sisters, he explains, “I got a phone call from my manager that the show is confirmed to be back and an hour later he called me and said, ‘the Brothers & Sisters producers called, you are officially regular on the show.”

Marini says he has enjoyed working on the television series and is excited to be back next season, “Brothers & Sisters has been on the map for awhile now and a lot of people respect and love it and I’m surrounded by phenomenal actor s so it’s really a win-win situation for me.”

With many opportunities available, Marini says he looks forward to the future, but only after he remembers his past especially, what his father taught him, “My dad was my complete inspiration. He was a work-monster, he was working from 10pm-2pm all night long, all day long and he was working for us and his dedication for his family and for life in general was just tremendous. He helped kids in the streets, his family, everybody around and he was always spreading the good seed, people got just better being around him. I spent a lot of time with him, so he is my pure inspiration and I wish one day I can be half of what he was.”

Marini says his life is a joy with his wife Carole, son Georges and daughter Juliana, “My experience has been out of a movie, out of a perfect movie, it seems like that in America—I’ve been living a dream.”

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