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Philadelphia Comic Con 2010: A Wrap-up From the Floor


So how was the show? Well, some of you might remember me pimping it pretty hard recently. Sir Patrick Stewart chats with Catwoman Julie Newmar. Photo: Aileen Bannon

Amazing news, the show was totally worth it.

Check out Aileen Bannon's Photo Gallety of the event right here

Yes, hipster, if you were too cool to go down the Convention Center and see the comic books and costumes, you missed out. It was a blast. Yours truly had his own table and his own fans and we were having a great time, thank you.

Much of this year’s success goes to the convention coordinator, Spat Oktan. Spat turned what was previously a corporate run, car show-esque comic book show into what comic book conventions are supposed to be: a great mix of misfit fans, costume crazies and weird and interesting comic books.

Friday, the show was a little light. That’s to be expected, since everyone is coming Chewbacca photo: Aileen Bannonfrom work and only the hardcore fanboys lose a day’s pay to hit the con. I was a little worried as some of the fans were reluctant to buy. My worries evaporated on Saturday. Fans poured through the doors and there were costumes everywhere.

Fans were integrated into the fan because there were volunteers working the floor and great coordination with local fan clubs like Philadelphia Ghostbusters, The Philadelphia Science Fiction Society, Star Trek clubs, Jedis and others. On Saturday, fans spent their loot. The realize surprise was Sunday when they returned and spent more.

If I had to nitpick, I’d say the after convention party was a bit too exclusionary for my tastes. Thrown by local comic book company, Zenescope, the party had a VIP room that required an invite or a cover. Boo, hiss. Still, fan that couldn’t get upstairs did have access to drink specials at the Field House. Not bad, but not great. I say, why be exclusionary? However, I’m being picky. Post convention parties are always tough to pull off. The fact that they had one at all and didn’t leave everyone to mill about in the hotel bar was a huge victory.

So kudos to Spat and his organization for bring the spirit of comics back to Philadelphia. With the huge spike in attendance, things can only get better.

Tony DiGerolamo is a New Jersey screenwriter, novelist, comic book writer, game designer and actor.  He is best known for his work on The Simpsons and Bart Simpson comic books.  He has also been a joke writer for Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, a scriptwriter for Space Ghost: Coast to Coast  and a blogger for Comedy Central’s Indecision ’08 website. Check out Tony at www.superfrat.com

To contact Tony, email him at tonyd@philly2philly.com