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Slice Of Suburbia Shore Towns: Avalon, New Jersey


So, welcome to my newest column- Slice of Suburbia Shore TownsAvalon, New Jersey

First on the agenda: Avalon, New Jersey- an upscale resort in South Jersey known as Seven Mile Island. I’ve seen all kinds of people here, from Bam Margera and his family, to people just out for a day in the sun stretched out on a towel. Avalon became a borough in April 1892, and has been growing ever since into a gorgeous seaside community.

Currently Avalon and Stone Harbor are celebrating their 7 Mile Restaurant Week  from June 4-11, and you def need to get here for some of this delicious fare. Three course dinners begin at $29.10, to breakfast for just over nine dollars. Pizza, seafood, steaks, omelets, tapas and drinks: it’s all here and get ready to eat! Circle Pizza has some of the best pizza I ever had, rivaling NYC slices, and Café Loren has light fare for lunches and dinner. Stop by Brian’s Waffle House (all on Dune Drive) for scrumptious chocolate chip pancakes and coffee, and head to Bobby-Dee's Rock 'n' Chair Restaurant  for drinks and apps.

My favorite hangout, The Princeton, known to summer-lovers as the P, serves up generous and fun drinks (ask Adam to create you a Klondike shot or Johnny’s Pound Cake martini), fresh food and wide-open spaces with the open windows to invite in the ocean breezes (no stuffy bar here). The Princeton is also home to the Circle Tavern and the Rock Room, The P also used to be a hotel- notably the Princeton Hotel. Since my pal Lor and I spend a lot of time here, soaking up the ambiance, we recently heard there is a ghost of the Princeton. A former hotel guest? A disgruntled employee? We chatted up one of the bartenders and he took us on a quick tour of the third floor. We were told it was haunted, and up on the fourth floor, most employees pretty much refuse to go flashing lights, scary noises..the usual. The long hallways, the old rooms with the door number still attached, the creepy chair room, and the corner suite that definitely feel weird, fascinated me. And I’ll admit it; I wasn’t too keen on going up on the fourth floor, so that’s an adventure for another night. But that sure was a ghost-hunting adventure. Don’t know if it was a party trick, it was pretty cool. The P is open year round at 2008 Dune in between 20-21st street.

Avalon is a family- oriented shore community with all kinds of activities and fun for families and friends The "Princeton" in Avalon, New Jersey.looking for a fun, relaxing vacation. Fishing, crabbing, boating, kayaking, golf, tennis and basketball courts, scenic gardens and of course, swimming in the ocean! Beach tags are required, so get yours at the booth outside of Community Hall seven days a week or at the beach by the beach attendants. It’s around $24 for the season, $12 for the week and a dollar for the day. Most of Avalon’s residents are second-homers with single-family homes- not many condos and apartments are present in the architecture today, Not too many amusements and the boardwalk is just that- a place to walk (or bike) the boards and take in the glorious seascape. Many of the hotels in town feature old-time charm and comfort. There’s shopping galore along Dune Avenue as well as contemporary boutiques and antique shoppes.

Avalon is also rich in history and the arts. Currently, the Avalon History Center  is heading up the surfboard restoration project. They have a few of the old, wooden paddleboards used by Avalon lifeguards 80 years ago, and are restoring old boards eaten up by saltwater and neglect. There’s also programs offered between the Avalon Free Public Library and the Avalon Free Public Library History Center.

Avalon’s tagline is ‘Cooler by a Mile’ because it juts out into the Atlantic Ocean about a mile farther than other barrier island resorts.

Sure, Avalon is one of the most expensive zip codes in the US, but I guess that just adds to its allure. (Or its snootiness!). I love all the beach towns, especially those with boardwalks, but Avalon is a nicer, quieter side to the Jersey Shore.

So which beach town should I head to next?

Get more info at www.avalonbeach.com

Get orientated at www.avalonbeach.com/map.htm

Pictures by Christine Tarlecki.

Christine can be reached on facebook under her name and Twitter via Engchik