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Joel McHale brings his Soup-y comedy to Borgata


Joel McHale is just as funny in person, if not more so than on E’s The Soup on Friday nights.Joel McHale at Borgata's Music Box McHale also brings his dry wit and humor to NBC’s Community as Jeff Winger, which premiered last year. Last Saturday, he performed at Borgata's  Music Box. And needless to say, he drew many, many laughs.

The show opened with Rory Albanese, a four-time Emmy award-winning executive producer and writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, whom he's been with since 1999.

A Long Island, New York native, McHale felt he had some right ripping on Jersey folks. It was definitely amusing, as since we were in Jersey, we had to hear Jersey Shore  jokes- ripping on both the TV show and the geographical area. I especially liked how instead of naming his stomach as one of the geniuses on the show does, he was going to name his arms Coke and Pepsi, or table and chair. McHale said he overheard so many weird, random things flying into the AC Airport. “Hey Pauly, it’s Tony, didja get it?” Hmm, wonder what they were discussing..? Albanese definitely had the audience laughing, as he commented how it was the late show and we all were falling asleep.

The audience went crazy when McHale came out, dressed in a t-shirt and ripped jeans. He jumped right into some bits from The Soup, which I was surprised at because we have all heard them. The Seacrest jokes, the ‘I’m a boat captain’ joke on Hugh Hefner in his captain’s hat, and goofy clips from the show.

He also enjoyed his retelling of a recent photo shoot with the Show opener Rory Albanese.Kardashians, where Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, and especially Kris had to tell him to stop making fun on them on the show (Which he will never). His quite-expressive face paid a deadly humorous yet deadly accurate of the Kardashian family and how they responded to him.

We had the usual- Who’s a Yankee fan?, Who’s the Philly fan?, Who is from the Midwest? And as they all do, comedians’ jokes end up about their kids. I actually thought this stuff was funny, as McHale told us about his son who wanted to be a light switch for Halloween, and then told his dad he could count until McHale was dead. His son must take after his dad with his deadpan humor, as when McHale reminded his son that he wasn’t going to remind him again to pick up his toys, in which his son replied, “GOOD.” (I can picture a scary 3 year old saying that!)

I also had a brush with celebrity, as I sat down next to Natasha Lyonne (of American Pie fame) and we had a good time chatting before the show started. She actually gave me some bubble gum. McHale also talked a lot about family, and this is definitely where his comic genius thrived. He announced his father was into war – in which someone hooted "whoohoo," McHale remarked, “weird.” He said no matter what, his father wanted to triumph over the art of saving money, and when he died, he wanted his kids to put him in a Costco coffin for the service, then dump him out and return the coffin back to Costco. "Do you know anyone who pinches pennies that tight?" McHale asked?

Too funny.

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Special thanks to Brian Brennan at Borgata.

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