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Lindsay Lohan, fingernail and all, sentenced to 90 days at "Club Fed"


Everybody knew this was coming, so needless to say it's kind of anti-climactic and long overdo.

A Beverly Hills Judge sentenced actress Lindsay Lohan to 90 days in the slam and 90 days of rehab for violating her probation following her 2007 arrest for a DUI as well as failure to follow guidelines regarding her probation. While there is talk that this punishment was unjust, here is what I have to say about that:


Lohan tearfully pleaded with Judge Marsha N. Revel to reconsider her sentencing. To her credit however, Revel had none of it, citing that Lohan failed the requirements to rectify her past troubles, including her constant failure to show up to alcohol counseling.  According to the LA Times, Lohan will now be sequestered in a detention facility in Lynwood. The prosecutors weren't actually seeking a penalty this severe for Lohan, but don't worry, she is still being given preferential treatment due to her celebrity status. And after all, how apologetic is she when she comes into court with the words F**K YOU painted on her fingernail? What's next? An online petition just like Paris Hilton did a few years ago to spare her from her sentence?


This is what happens when you think you're above the law and you're someone special. Everybody tells you how great you are as opposed to listening to people telling you to get your act together and stop screwing up. If anything, Lohan's sentence relieves the general population from the agony of having to read about her new girlfriends, her drug arrests, her late night partying in Hollywood, and her multiple arrests for DUI's if just for a short time.

And as far as Lohan's parents are concerned, have you ever seen two people more obsessed with raising THEIR profile? No wonder Lohan has her issues. When your mother is busy shooting reality shows on E! to cash in on her daughter's fame, and her estranged father has never met a TV show or camera he didn't like, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that something was SERIOUSLY wrong on the home front from the word "go." I'm not questioning their concern for their daughter, but before Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan talk to reporters or plead to Larry King how their daughter's sentencing is unfair or how she's gonna turn things around this time, take a long hard look in the mirror at yourselves and ask why you didn't put your foot up your daughter's ass when she messed up the first time. Despite her parents' issues, that is no excuse for Lohan's behavior. People have come from far worse backgrounds to rise above adversity to make a name for themselves.

I'll always give someone the benefit of the doubt, but when you're in the public eye and get as many chances as Lindsay Lohan has been given, cry me a river. Like Hilton, she will be pampered and released before her required sentence, and she probably will be stopped at the airport for "suspicion" of drug possession just like Hilton did. I know, I know, the pot wasn't hers..............

Club Fed. Ain't it a bitch?

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