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Philly2Philly's Mad Men Recap: Season 4 Episode 4


 By Diane Cooney and Brian Lynch

 Diane CooneyBrian Lynch

During this season of Mad Men, our own Diane Cooney and Brian Lynch will offer their own commentary about the previous night's episode. Feel free to argue, debate, or offer your own commentary regarding Jon Hamm and co.- just keep it clean of course!

Episode 4: August 15th, 2010 

Diane: Starting off, in between the conference call with the Lucky Strikes guy – which was hilarious - Pete is told by Lane he needs to drop the Clearasil account, because they’ve already got Pond’s. Speaking of which, they haven’t figured out how to pitch that yet.

Brian: Yeah, it’s telling that they’re juggling the party line while Don gives approval to Peggy’s approach. Which he didn’t look at, but gives the go-ahead to anyway.

Diane: He’s distracted by the picture Anna sent him, from when they first met, which also put up a few red flags for Allison – the poor girl’s finally starting to catch on. Don gets annoyed when she asks about it. Sorry, Don, this is a mess of your own making.

Brian: True. Really hoping she re-thinks her decision to stay.

Diane: Harry and Pete plan to meet Kenny Cosgrove for lunch. One of my favorite lines was from Harry, “Worse case Kenny will brag too much and you can steal a client from him.” Kenny was Pete’s primary competition back in the Sterling Cooper days. Cosgrove’s an interesting character… he’s ambitious, but not particularly cut throat, most of the time he doesn’t seem particularly bright, his easy going manner seems to be the source of his success.

Brian: And you can tell that Pete’s seriously thinking about it. He’s feeling the pressure, but I think he’s also smarting from not being outright given status as a partner. The lack of a second “C” in SCDP is getting to him, and I think we’re going to see what he’s willing to do to achieve it.

Diane: Dr. Faye does her weird psycho manipulative mumbo jumbo. She hands her ring to Peggy, who’s watching with the men behind the glass. Peggy tries the ring on her left hand, getting a feel for it. Don catches it all – he’s amused, she’s embarrassed.

Brian: I’ll give her this much – Dr. Miller is pretty savvy at getting the results she needs. Dressing like a secretary, self-deprecating remarks, pseudo-psychology, all of it in service of the study. You’ve got to admit, even if you don’t like her – which I don’t – she’s gooood.

Diane: Add her to my “I hope Don doesn’t sleep with her” list.

Brian: Aww, Pete’s ego got sidelined! And he’s having a baby! Cheers, big ears!

Diane: Just what the world needs. Another Campbell. Ugh.

Brian: I can’t believe it took a focus group to get Allison to come to terms with needing to quit. Finally. Don’s a drunk, so he doesn’t even know what he’s doing sometimes – or who he’s hurting.

Diane: She shuts the door, and lays it down for Don. Peggy was channeling him a little bit earlier, when Allison ran to him for advice, but you finally got what you wanted – the secretary quits.

Brian: YES. Finally.

Diane: She went out with a crash – Don’s cool cigarette holder zooming across his desk.

Brian: I love how Peg’s just peeking out over the divider to watch his reaction after she stormed out. That was a high point in an episode filled with low ones.

Diane: We needed more Roger in front of the camera this week.

Brian: And Peggy makes a new friend in the female photo editor of LIFE Magazine, who definitely wants to be friends. Sexy friends. That almost – ALMOST- played into my suspicion that Peggy was a lez, after watching the first episode. Am I disappointed? Not really.

Diane: As this point, Peggy’s clueless – but isn’t she always? But that’s why I root for her.

Brian: Speaking of the counter-culture, you have to love Peg going to a party with hipsters circa 1965. I enjoyed that scene thoroughly, especially with Peg’s judicious use of “I have a boyfriend”, rented vaginas, and trying to get Le Artiste to sell out to The Man. What’d you think?

Diane: The Author was more fun than Le Artiste. I think he and Peggy look cute.

Brian: Wow. Dr. Faye’s back with her findings. Four out of five girls agree, the best thing in life is to get married? I think I’m honestly with Don on this one. Sterling Cooper Draper Price was started with the intention of being a forward-thinking ad agency, and yeah, it’d work – but being The Man doesn’t mean you don’t get to be principled once in a while. Thumbs up, Mr. Draper.

Diane: I’m just devastated that Freddy was right!

Brian: Oh boy. Pete finally gets to talk business with his father-in-law under the guise of having a family dinner, and what does he do? He doesn’t drop the Clearasil account he was served up on a silver platter. He uses that, and his family to be, as leverage to get more of them. He’s a sneaky son of a bitch. I can see why you’d say that you didn’t think the world needed any more Campbells…

Diane: I’m introducing a new portion of our column: sexist line of the night, this week’s winner - spoken by Trudie’s dad, “if it’s a boy 1000, if it’s a girl $500.” I hope the girl takes after her father and torments the old man.

Brian: And one last, wistful look through the glass. It’s telling symbolism and definite foreshadowing; I hope this means that Peg goes counter-culture on somebody’s asses.

Diane: I worry about Peggy – and wonder what the writers are up to. I wonder if Pete truly loves her – or just loved that she liked him.

Brian: I’m shocked that we’ve gone two whole weeks without a single Nurse appearance. I’m going to be pretty disappointed if she doesn’t come back.

Diane: You’re ridiculous.

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