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Resident Evil films may be crap, but 3-D re-invigorates the franchise


Zombies take over the weekend box office

I’m pretty sure the endless Resident Evil franchise has kept Milla Jovovich Resident Evil photo: Screen Gems/Sonyemployed as an actress, but how much more do we have to suffer?

Apparently much more, as Resident Evil: Afterlife had a very impressive opening on Friday, taking in over $10 million in receipts. This is actually only slightly larger than the last film’s opening, and in essence is lower if the inflated price of 3-D is taken into consideration. Still, that’s a mighty impressive opening for a series of films that no one seems to like.

As a matter of fact, this entry has received the poorest reviews out of the four, and that’s saying something. Despite all that, the film is slated to finish number one with $27 million to its name, which means more sequels are likely coming soon.

Elsewhere, Takers seems to be the surprise end of summer hit, looking to add another $6 million to its tally, and closing in on $50 million overall for the total domestic gross. Machete lost a lot of blood from its release last week, but with an additional $4 million in receipts, the little cult film can already be considered a success in its own right with bank in the area of $21 million. The American took a steep hit over 50% from last week, with 5.9 million, bringing the film’s total to $28 million.

This was a slow week at the movies, with only one real mainstream release in theatres. All of the August films seem to treading water until new bigger budget releases arrive to shake things up a bit. Next week should prove far more interesting with the arrival of the saucy teen comedy Easy A, as well as Ben Affleck’s anticipated bank heist drama The Town.

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Photos: Screen Gems/Sony Pictures