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Vampire Diaries - Doppelganger Hijinx


A brief update about The Vampire Diaries season’s finale in May… tThe Vampire Diaries photo: Courtesy of CW.he unpopular Uncle John Gilbert activated his anti-vampire device with help from Bonnie, the teen witch. She switched sides after her grandma died shortly after casting a spell to help Damon and Stefan Salvatore - the sexy vampire siblings. The device that was made back in the old Jonathan Gilbert days emitted a piercing sound that left the vampires writhing in agony on the ground.

Mayor Richard Lockwood’s police quickly went through the town picking up the vampires and dropping them in a basement where John sent them all to the True Death, (ok different show, but I like the sentiment). Unfortunately, Lockwood Sr. also was affected by the devise, which left people with no common sense to wonder what kind of supernatural species he was… His son Tyler was driving home Matt and Caroline home when the device kicked in, and he lost control of the car, crashing it, leaving Caroline seriously injured.

This season picked up in medias res, with John left fingerless in the Gilbert kitchen after Katherine, the evil vamp who turned the Salvatore boys back in the Civil War days, chopped most of his hand off. That’s one way to remove that magical invincible-making ring of his. Elena walks into the house in time to call 911, and then she finds Jeremy upstairs…alive and human. Stefan (Paul Wesley) explains that his attempt to turn himself into a vampire failed… the vampire blood in his system counteracted his pill popping method of quasi-suicide. I’m relieved... we’ve got way too many 17 year old vampires - we need a few to hit 21 at least!

Bonnie and Elena congregate at the hospital – where Caroline is in bad shape… Damon (Ian Somerhalder) offers to give her some vampire blood – strictly to help their healing process. It’s also a nice bit of karmic rebalancing since he drank plenty of her blood during Season 1. The girls disagree about Damon’s offer. While Bonnie’s on my bad list for betraying the boys, she’s right about this.

Damon talks to Elena – not realizing that he smooched the evil ex and not his brother’s girlfriend. Aunt Jenna also comes to the hospital, where she and Elena try to play catch up – but apparently Jenna was talking to Katherine as well. Damon figures it out – and storms off. Stefan is at the Gilbert house – and he’s embraced by Elena – he might be the sensible vampire, but tonight he’s the smarter one too. He didn’t fall for the trick – and he attacks Katherine. He also tries to attack Damon when Damon admits that he kissed Katherine – thinking it was Elena.

The townspeople are paying their respects at the Lockwood estate – and Katherine shows up – and of course is invited in. A new crush object also arrives – no one can assemble a pretty cast quite as well as the CW – Richard’s younger brother Mason – who’s been in town since Tyler was a kid. Damon and Bonnie catch up – and discuss Caroline’s improved outlook - Damon did visit her over night.

Elena and Stefan go to John to figure out what Katherine wants…. But he’s not a lot of help, and he’s pulling the old “vampires are bad” line. Elena leaves disgusted, and Stefan threatens John and tells him to get out of town. I like this new Stefan. I think the writer’s often do his character a disservice – he’s the good brother which often translates to the boring brother.

Jena, Jeremy and Elena stop by to pay their respects to the Lockheart family. Elena, checks on Damon, asked how he’s doing. He replies, “I kissed you, I thought you kissed me back, doppelganger hijinx ensued. How you think I’m doing?”

Katherine and Stefan walk outside, playing nice, while Stefan tries to get Katherine to reveal her evil plot. Her answer was a bit of a surprise, she tells him, “I came back for you.” Stefan wasn’t too excited about that –since he was compelled to love her and now hates her. “You hate me? That sounds like the beginning of a love story, Stefan, not the end of one.”

Back at the Lockwood mansion – Tyler’s too rough with his mother as he pushes her away in a fit of anger and grief. Are we sure he’s not going to turn into the Hulk? His uncle is quick to jump in, and I’m looking forward to how the elder Lockwood maintains his surfer vibe with that Lockwood temper.

Katherine is waiting for Damon when he gets home. She’s there to say her goodbyes, but first she has to tease – both of them end up semi dressed – before driving an emotional stake into his heart by telling him she’s never loved him. Somerhalder has found his career making role – playing this sexy, charming bad boy – but the stricken look on his face slayed me.

There’s a reason Rolling Stone featured him in their Fall TV Special.

Damon went over to Elena after a few drinks, trying to recreate the rapport they shared at the end of last season. He kisses her – but Elena pushes him away, echoing Katherine – that she will always love Stefan. That was tough to watch – because I think he was right, she does feel something to for him and is in denial - but she believes what she said.

Unfortunately, Damon slid back into his old, destructive ways – and when Jeremy checks on Elena, Damon grabs him and SPOILER ALERT – snaps his neck. She looks down – on his lifeless body – and Damon looks at her – he wants her to suffer. He leaves – but she discovers the Gilbert protection ring on his finger. Stefan thinks Damon knew Jeremy had the ring – but she doesn’t .

I’m a bit pissed at the writer’s now. You can’t mess with family. That’s unforgivable… I do not see how Elena will ever speak to him again … even if he did intend it as a cruel prank and not murder.

Katherine makes one last stop to visit Caroline, before smothering her with a pillow. I was wondering who the first victim of season two would be. She’s deliberately turned one of Elena’s friends into a vampire.

Sharpen your stakes!

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