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'The Town' robs the U.S Box Office, and horny teens in 'Easy A' aren’t far behind


Ben Affleck proves he’s got bona fide talent  with his sophomore film'The Town' photo courtesy of Warner Bros. The Town and Easy A’s  Emma Stone finally gets attention for being the charismatic star that she is

The box office success of the weekend ran the generational gamut with strong opening for two new releases. Easy A had built considerable buzz and was expected to open with respectful numbers, so the estimated 18 million it should nab for the first 3 days of release is a clear sign of success for the film. (Mean Girls still remains the champ, opening back in 2004 to $24 million)

However, The Town is the big surprise here, nabbing the top spot with over $23 million in dead presidents. Whoever said the adult film market was dead is eating those words right about now. The Town, an intense, action oriented bank heist flick opened to outstanding reviews and Oscar mention, which no doubt aided its box office victory.

Elsewhere this week’s other new release, the M. Night. Shyamalan  produced horror flick Devil, did mange an OK opening at 12 million. The film, which follows twelve people terrorized while trapped inside a high rise elevator, was not screened for critics. Still, Shymalan’s career is in the toilet, so the fact that a horror movie with no bankable stars and strange concept managed to open in the top three is a modest achievement. Resident Evil took an expected nose dive of over 50%, adding $10 million blood soaked dollars to its total, while summer stragglers Inception and Eat Pray Love still hang around for those last minute dollars. (Inception is evening out at $285 million domestically)

Next week sees the release of several exciting flicks, one being Buried, the film with features Ryan Reynolds trapped in a box for 90 minutes. That film will premiere in NY and LA and expand to other cities throughout this month into October. Also anticipated is the sequel to Wall Street with Michael Douglas, Shia Labeouf and Carey Mulligan.

Will it have the same impact as the 1987 classic? Time will tell.

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