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Vampire Diaries Episode Review: Damon’s on Fire!


Every Wednesday prior to Thursday night's new Vampire Diaries  episode, Philly2Philly's Diane Cooney will recap the previous week's events. Feel free to join in, or debate, just keep it clean. That means no blood!!

Mystic Falls is preparing for their Carnival… and its not quite clear to me how The Vampire Diaries photo: Courtesy of http://www.tvovermind.com/cable/thecw/the-vampire-diaries/sneak-peek-vampire-diaries-season-2-episode-3/31372Caroline manages to be detailed enough to be in charge of anything event related. Maybe she’s really good at delegating.

Damon meets with Carol, Mayor Lockwood’s widow, at their estate. She asks him to lead the council, explaining that she didn’t want to ask Mason, the mayor’s younger brother, since he never expressed any interest in the council back when he lived there.

Mason and Tyler come in making a racket as young pups do – and Damon kicks in his vampy hearing to eavesdrop. Mason’s playing detective and asking questions about Tyler’s temper. I was surprised how direct he was with Tyler- but a) Tyler doesn’t seem all that bright and b) they had been out being sporty, so I guess Tyler was a bit tired. Tyler described how he felt when his rage gets the better of him, “ I become something else”. My DVR ate the show, so I didn’t get a chance to double-check my quotes).

At the hospital, Caroline’s on the mend, but she is slowly putting things together to know that although she’s feeling better, something is still very wrong with her. She’s sensitive to sunlight, and has no appetite for the food…. but that of course would never arouse suspicion.

Damon reports back to Stefan that the Lockwood’s have a supernatural secret. Stefan’s incredulous response to the idea of another creature surprised me – thought Damon would have the ego to think only Vampires would exist.

Matt stops by the visit Caroline – and the minute she gets up close to him, she’s thinking about biting rather than kissing… she flips out (what, really?) and he leaves. The nurse on duty swings by to check on her, and its dinnertime! In a panic to get the nurse not to tell, Caroline stumbles upon her power to compel.

The Salvatore brothers watch Tyler and Mason at the arm wrestling booth. Tyler loses, and Damon volunteers Stefan to go up. I gotta say, watching Mason and Stefan with their alpha male display of strength was fun. Paul Wesley did a good job – you could tell at first that Stefan was taking it easy, and then he really applied some of his power. He lost – and Damon teased him for being too easy on Mason. Stefan set him straight – Mason is more than human.

Caroline sneaks out of the hospital. What’s a little bloodlust when you’ve got a Carnival to attend? She meets up with Matt again, but she’s hungry again, so she runs off, looking for a more suitable neck.

Damon sets up Carter, as a guinea pig to his Lockwood experiment. Damon compels him to pick a fight with Tyler… Stefan watches as Tyler and Carter mix it up. Mason jumps in – literally – over a car - and breaks it up. His eyes transform to that spooky way Tyler’s did when the vampire device kicked in. That’s one of my favorite supernatural eye affects, and

I’ve been watching this kind of stuff since I was a kid.

Stefan helps Carter up and the poor guy asks himself why he got into it with Tyler. Stefan tells him that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, compelling him to forget what really happened. Since her transformation, Caroline’s been piecing together what Damon really did to her during their short-lived fling/fiasco. She confronts him on her turf – the high school - where she flings him down the hall. Damon finds Stefan and tells him that he’s going to kill Caroline. Elena demands that they don’t hurt her – that they figure out a Plan B…but even Stefan agrees that the outlook for her is grim.

Tyler confronts Mason about his mad surfing skills. And Tyler also noticed how his eyes changed. and Mason weakly tries to pass it off as “Brazilian martial arts”. You would think he might have a better line to cover up by now.

Caroline’s cries alone in the parking lot when Carter comes up to check on her. Alas, chivalry will get you killed, my friend. Since it’s been hours since her last meal, she drains him and is despondent that she killed him. Damon finds Caroline, and is about take care of things, when Elena stops him – by jumping in front of Caroline. That of course, stops him. I still felt bad for him – poor unloved brat - but I don’t blame Elena for playing against his feelings.

Stefan and Caroline have a nice bonding moment, where he teacher her a little yoga breathing to help her fight her thirst. Wesley has a really good way with the supporting ladies – Stefan never seems cuter than when he’s trying to help one of them out – in his old fashioned gentlemanly way.

Bonnie’s upset because she supported the Damon blood transfusion. When is she going to stop making bad decisions? She’s becoming one of my least favorite characters. Bonnie uses her migraine magic on Damon, and he’s on the ground, and she then turns on the gas, which runs across the parking lot to Damon.

Elena watches her light it up. She yells at her to stop, and jumps over the flames, (they were low, but she still gets points) and she snaps Bonnie out of her trance, and runs over to save Damon. Tell me she doesn’t really love him?

Matt sneaks into Caroline’s house – after multiple rebuffs, he’s starting to feel insecure about their relationship –and he admits that he loves her. She leans in – breathes deep – and doesn’t bite!

When all their problems are tucked in bed, Stefan and Elena are back at the Carnival. Stefan compelled the guard to take a break. He tells her to hang on tight – sigh – and jumps to the top of the Ferris Wheel. He tells her he came back to Mystic Falls for her – and that they can’t forget to live their life amidst all the madness.

He gets the best line of the night – “Its no nice to see you laugh”. I think perhaps Mr. Wesley is ready to steal the limelight away from Mr. Somerhalder. The audience is sure to be the winner!

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