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'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Recap: Season 6 Episode 2


It’s Always Reviewed in PhiladelphiaIt's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Episode 2: Dennis gets divorced


The second episode was kind of a Part 2 to the events in the opener. Dennis had rashly married Maureen Ponderosa and kicked Mac out of his apartment. Dee, who defended the sanctity of marriage, had an affair with her brother and ended up wrecking his marriage. Charlie and Frank got a domestic partnership so that Charlie could get some health insurance.

Needless to say, all three schemes backfire and everyone wants a divorce. Despite the usual chaos, the episode was a bit indecisive. For instance, a trip to a strip club (because Dennis demands a bachelor party) has Charlie asking Frank for money. At first Frank offers him a ten, but then Charlie refuses the money, as he is just frustrated about their marriage for no apparent reason.

Things do kick into high gear at the end when Charlie’s creepy uncle shows up to act as a lawyer to straighten things out. But when the same lawyer tries to help Dennis, an old nemesis returns to really screw him. The status quo returns and, even though I laughed, the next episode looks much more solid.

The theme of the episode just didn’t hold together for me. And while I like the possibility of introducing a new regular, the fact that she was ushered out in this one tells me this probably should’ve been one jam-packed episode rather than two. Next week the gang buys a boat, so I’m thinking that will be better as they will be all working together rather than against each other’s story.

We’ll be rating episodes according to the Sunny scale:

1 is Dee

2 is Frank

3 is Charlie

4 is Mac

 5 is a Dennis

I’m going to have to give this episode a Frank. Although the ending was solid, the build up didn’t quite work and this episode’s Dennis could hardly compare to the Dennis of the D.E.N.N.I.S. System episode. Still, it’s pretty funny and the League right after was rock solid.

Chin up, Sunny fans, next week looks sweet.

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Tony DiGerolamo is a New Jersey screenwriter, novelist, comic book writer, game designer and actor.  He is best known for his work on The Simpsons and Bart Simpson comic books.  He has also been a joke writer for Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, a scriptwriter for Space Ghost: Coast to Coast  and a blogger for Comedy Central’s Indecision ’08 website. Check out Tony at www.superfrat.com

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