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Michael Douglas and Shia LaBeouf re-ignite Wall Street; bring in the big bucks


JIM TETI'S BOX OFFICE WEEKEND WRAPUPMichael Douglas and Shia LaBeouf re-ignite Wall Street; bring in the big bucks. Photo:20th Century Fox

Money talks in more than ways one this weekend.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, the long awaited sequel to Oliver Stone’s sequel to the 1980’s hit, managed to wheel and deal its way to the top of the box office chain this weekend with around $19 million.

This is considered a modest success for the film financially, but still a respectable take. Critic wise, the film garnered lukewarm praise, but audiences clearly resonated with the return of Michael Douglas, as well as the very relevant tie-in to today’s economy.

So what about the other new releases of the weekend you say?! Well, that strange owl movie Legend of the Guardians managed to take second place, with around $17 million in ticket sales, slightly off for a kid’s film. (Then again, who wants to watch a movie about CGI owls defending humanity.) You Again, which screams wait for DVD (or free movies on demand), failed to make a decent impression, with around 8 million for its 3-day total. Though the film opened to awful reviews, the saddest part about the whole endeavor is the waste of some very talented female actresses. (No Kristen Bell, I’m not looking your way)

Audiences also chose to stick with two of the best-reviewed fall films thus far. The Town continued its crime-riddled reign, adding another $16 million to the bank, bringing the total to almost $50 million in just two weekends. I guess Ben Affleck’s career has been officially resurrected. Meanwhile, the smart teen flick Easy A  continues a path towards sleeper status. The film made another $10.7 million this weekend, with a grand total of $32 million. This is all from a movie that cost $8 million to make. Impressive indeed. Horror didn’t fare as well, with Devil  expectedly dropping down the elevator shaft rather quickly, desperately holding onto another $6 million as the plummet continues.

Next week marks the arrival of October, and the cinema spooks are coming out in a big way. Let Me In, a remake of the critically acclaimed Swedish vampire tale, sinks its teeth into theatres, as well as Case 39, a horror dud with Renee Zellwegger (where’s she been?) that’s been sitting on Paramount’s  shelf for two years. Despite those interesting releases, all eyes are clearly on The Social Network, David Fincher’s highly anticipated take on the rise of Facebook and the social media scene. Is the story of Mark Zuckerberg enough to break October box office records?

Read my review next week to find out!

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