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Vampire Diaries Episode 3 Recap: A Bite that Kills?


Prior to Thursday night's new Vampire Diaries  episode, Philly2Philly's Diane Cooney will recap the previous week's events. Feel free to join in, or debate, just keep it clean. That means no blood!!

The Salvatore Brothers and Elena meet up with Alaric (nice to have you back, Teach)Vampire Diaries photo: http://www.daemonstv.com/2010/09/29/the-vampire-diaries-memory-lane-season-2-episode-4/ in hopes of figuring out the Lockwood family secret. There was a cool bit of editing – the scenes with Alaric were intercut with the scenes of Taylor following his uncle as Mason carried out some mysterious errands.

Stefan, Elena and Damon updated Ric on the Lockwood men, and they discussed the probability that werewolves might actually exist. Damon stuck with his I would have seen them if they exist line – but Stefan focused on that inhuman strength Mason exhibited at the Carnival from last week’s episode.

Tyler discovers the ruins of the old Lockwood house, complete with creepy cellar. His mom tells him it’s not a space they talk about – reminding him about what it was used for back then. She warns him to be careful having folks over on the property – don’t want to be liable is someone is injured.

Ric shared that Isobel’s research material might hold the clue to whether or not there was truth to the werewolf lore. Since Caroline was still solidly in the sumptuous teen vamp mode, Stefan stayed home to help her acclimate. When Ric, Elena and Damon got ready for their road trip, Elena took the time for a long passionate good bye kiss - and made sure Damon saw it. I don’t know about you – but that left me feeling cold. She’s done that before – and it feels like in the moment she’s just using Stefan to get back at Damon, rather than just giving her boyfriend a good smooch. Stefan deserves better than that…

In town, Stefan and Bonnie discuss Bonnie’s ability to create a protection ring for Caroline. Without it – her social life as she knows it will be over. Bonnie doesn’t think she’s got the power to cast such a spell, but Stefan is convincing. If he gets sick of Elena’s Damon issues, he and Bonnie could make a cute pair – if she drops the perpetually self righteous act.

En route to Duke, Ric, Elena and Damon end up discussing Jeremy’s untimely and short death. Damon maintains that of course he saw the ring – but Elena isn’t sure. I was surprised how casually it came up in conversation. As expected, Ric diffused the situation.

Bonnie, Stefan and Caroline were hanging out at C’s house as Bonnie prepared the cast the spell. She lectured Caroline, that as the spell-caster, she’d be able to remove the protection should Caroline hurt anyone else. Caroline also took the time to whine about the style of ring – I thought it looked nice – like a family heirloom. They didn’t explain where it came from… hmm. Will that be significant later?

On campus, Ric, Elena and Damon made their way to Isobel’s department. An overly helpful grad student named Vanessa lets them into Isobel’s office. The gang is poking around the books and files, but Damon realizes trouble’s coming. She sneaks back in with a Cross bow, and aimed at Elena. Damon jumps in front of it – taking it to the chest just off enough not to be fatal. Vampire Diaries photo: http://tengossip.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/vampire-diaries-new_a.jpgSurprisingly, Elena doesn’t seem surprised, and she’s unmoved by the gesture.

Ric sets Vanessa straight, and explains that is not Katherine, and well yes, that’s a supposed-to-be-dead Salvatore. Damon says, eyes extra twinkly, “I’d be extra nice to me right now."

I didn’t like Vanessa – I thought it was incongruous that she’s be that good of an aim, yet be shocked to see Damon exists. Why would Isobel have trained her? Or maybe someone else trained her?

Back at home, Stefan and Caroline are out to do some hunting. I hope they cut this transition brief. Caroline’s a bore on a good day. Stefan exhibits super human patience dealing with her. She exclaims “And you want me to eat bunnies and I’m kinda freaking out!” Stefan then describes how being a vampire magnifies the human traits the vampire used to possess.

Back in the office, Vanessa and Elena are looking through the files, and Vanessa asks, “Can he hear us?” Damon – in a mocking stage whisper answers, “No, that would be creepy."

Now that Caroline think she has her moods and her appetite in check, so goes to the swimming hole party hosted by Tyler on the Lockwood property. She compels Amy to “go find someone single to stalk” after she catches her flirting with Matt. He’s annoyed and not particularly happy to see her, but she wears him down.

Vanessa recounts the curse of the sun and the moon an Aztec shaman - “making vampires slaves to the sun, and werewolves, servants of the moon”. She then shares a troubling detail – werewolves hunt vampires. Vamps hunted them “almost to extinction” legend has it werewolf bite is fatal to vampires…. (Bet that’s just an urban legend.)

Elena calls Stefan and specifically tells him to watch out for Mason Lockwood and warns him about the curse, and warns him about the werewolf bite. He does look suitably unnerved.

Meanwhile Mason is frantically trying to lock himself up in the old cellar from the Lockwood mansion ruins, but he hears Tyler bringing Amy down. He quickly moves on to plan B. Amy checks to see if Tyler’s single, classic. He makes his move, and she loses interest almost immediately. That was interesting – was it an indication that Caroline doesn’t have the compulsion thing down, or was it that you can’t compel against someone’s deep desires?

Mason runs out and tried to tie himself to a tree trunk. Then he gets into the jeep where all sorts of crazy screaming and shaking goes on. Stefan’s listening for trouble, and walks up to Mason’s truck. Why Stefan, why? He’s the dumb brother tonight. Stefan’s looking at the car (ok, its really quiet) and sees a spooky pair of wolf eyes peering back at him. The wolf jumps out, breaking the back window, knocking Stefan over and then runs away.

Alaric packs up the office, Vanessa less than subtly flirting…. He warns her not to pursue any of the supernatural stuff, because it could consume her life. I was glad to see that he was ignoring her lame come one. He tells her that “Isobel….became her research, she wanted to become a vampire."

Back at the car, Damon is too flirty with Elena. He hands her an old leather bound book. The spine has Petrova in gold lettering. He explains how Kathryn was European – of Russia ancestry. (Perhaps this is a nice nod to star Dobrev’s heritage?) He clearly is sharing this with Elena as an apology. He says simply, “You hated me before and we became friends. It would suck if that was gone forever. Have I lost you forever?” Elena simply thanks him for giving him the book.

Matt and Caroline go off to make out in the woods; she gets aggressive, and um… hungry, pushing him against a tree. He accidentally cuts his wrist, she starts to lick the blood off his hand - weirding him out - and she bites. Stefan stops her, and Matt drops down against the tree, in a daze. Stefan tells him to stay down.

Stefan tells Caroline to run away from Matt because the wolf will follow them and Matt will be safe. Tyler comes across Stefan and Caroline – in the woods. The wolf jumps on Caroline and then Stefan jumps on it, knocking it off Caroline, both Stefan and the wolf land on the feet/paws, for a stare down. Tyler comes up and screams at the wolf “No!” The wolf stops, looks at Tyler and then the wolf runs away.

Caroline compels Matt to think an animal attacked him (can’t believe they still can use that excuse). Stefan plans to feed Matt Verlaine so Caroline won’t take a bite again. Stefan and Caroline bond about their human significant others. It’s hard dating humans, them being so fragile and mortal and all. Mason comes back to the car - looking like he won a mud wrestling match. He tells Tyler to hand him his pants. Let’s take a moment and thank the CW  casting agents, shall we?

Amy and Matt are chatting at the restaurant. Wow, she is persistent. Caroline gets into a jealous snit, and Matt breaks up with her. What could be worse, than seeing your bad behavior magnified when you’re around someone you care about?

Alaric shows up at Chez Gilbert and plants a kiss on Jenna. Yeah! Glad to hear that Jenna’s getting a break. Ric goes over to the Gilbert house and plants a kiss on Jenna, finally! Ric has left his emotional baggage down at Duke! Personally, I hope Jenna gets to learn about what’s really going on in Mystic Falls.. I think she can handle it.

Elena asks Damon the truth about the ring. Damon admits that he didn’t know Jeremy was wearing his ring. Damon apologizes… and she thanks him for being honest. Elena says flatly, “And the answer to your question about our friendship, and yes, you have lost me forever."

She was no fun this episode, so I think he should move on. Damon thought back on the event, and accused her of manipulating him. His parting shot to Elena, “You and Katherine have a lot more in common than just your looks." I agree. I think both Damon and Stefan might be in for trouble with both those women. Katherine is standing over Caroline’s bed. “Don’t be frightened. We’re going to have so much fun together."

I’m not looking forward to that pairing at all.

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