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Philly2Philly's 'Your Colour Palette' takes a Leap Of Faith


It’s a new year with high hopes and anticipation for so many wonderful opportunities "Your Colour Palette" with Laini Bianculli.and melodies that play deep in our hearts.  Like ‘new music Tuesday’ iTunes downloads, we listen to every novel artist, tune and lyric while we contemplate our resolutions and dreams for 2011.

Happy, healthy and beautiful New Year!  How are you doing with the resolutions and goals that you set for yourself?  You want to believe in your goals and dreams and guess what?  You can.  

Raise your eyelash curler, dream big and take that leap of faith.  Confidently walk down the runway of life but strive to take your time as you wouldn’t want to neglect a door that may open for an incredible chance at something new or overlook a fabulous shoe sale at your favorite shoe salon.  Lainiology will define that “the greatest shopping is not something sought after but picked up along the way.”

Patience is a virtue, but when that fluorescent green flickering light radiates 5:30 a.m. from your alarm clock, it is a relentless reminder that time is of the essence when managing your daily routine.  From shower to vanity to the front door and everything and everyone in between, “instant” is the prefix of the day.  Fast doesn’t last and haste does make waste when living your delicious life so for immediate, short-term, high octane, dependable fashion and beauty, ‘Your Colour Palette’ is chock-full of fashionspiration and suggestions to carry you through the year while you work on fulfilling all of your objectives.

One goal on your checklist of life may be to maintain your weight, lose weight or work out at the gym for overall muscle tone.  This is achieved over time but for the perfect silhouette, at any adult age and body type, shape wear is the ultimate saving grace.  Curve-hugging, body-slimming, lift and support in all the right places, in a ready-to-wear instant, without breaking a sweat or having to use waterproof mascara.  Invest in a brand that is lightweight, allows your skin to breathe and is fabulously feminine like Rhonda Shear’s Shapewear and Intimates (exclusive to HSN).  This is perfect for every day and for that Saturday night skinny jean or special occasion little black dress.  

For the ‘Your Colour Palette’ Sidewalknistas, Hanes Smooth Illusions is the best at a great price.  Shapewear is your ready-for-whatever hidden treasure accessory to showcase your assets while making all the difference in how your clothes drape and fit on your body. If you’ve been keeping up with Lainiology as in Beauty Defined, ‘HEM’ is now second nature to your skin and a steady part of your morning routine.  

This is no time for a marathon, but Laura Mercier will let you sprint across the finish line.  Those particular cosmetics should be proudly displayed on your countertop, as this cosmetics line is in Sephora and department stores, so you can reach for all of your power tools at once to look and feel great every moment of the day. Laura Mercier Foundation Primers, Tinted Moisturizers with SPF 20, and Concealers are the cream of the crop for round-the-clock pristine skin.  These products are made for a full spectrum of skin tones and skin types to be worn in every climate.  Be sure to pack this skin perfection trio while traveling on your winter vacations as you will not be able to function without them.  

Mercier reminds us that “Before applying any colour, I always prepare the skin first.  I create a fresh canvas with a flawless finish.  Making your skin look perfect is the first and most important thing you can do to achieve a truly great look.”

Foundation primer is a crucial step in setting your makeup.  It smoothes out the texture of your skin, fills in lines, diminishes pores and tones down redness.  If you devote yourself to no other product on the Sidewalk, try L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base Primer.  Its name says it all at a no-nonsense price.  You may want to buy two - - one for home and one for your handbag.   

No time to wash and style your hair?  Have no fear; Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo is here.  Blandi is a sheer genius to create a shower fresh, invisible, volumizing, clear spray for all hair types and color.  Use it for a refresh, to eliminate hat hair or if you are desperately seeking to extend your salon wash and blow dry just one more day. Oscar Blandi products are available for a test spray at Sephora.

Like love, all of these products will never fail you.  Believe in them with all of your heart to consistently look your absolute gorgeous ‘Your Colour Palette’ best. Rise to the occasion, hold on tight to your chicest animal print clutch and never give up on your hopes and dreams because the only one who needs to believe in you is YOU.

With fashionable gratitude,

Laini Bianculli
Fashion/Beauty Consultant

“Walk with me from Catwalk to Sidewalk to discover and compare fashion and beauty products that will leave you with money to spare.”

Twitter @LainiYCP