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Helene Eksterowicz's 'Bachelor' Episode 4 Recap: Black Eyes, More Bikini’s, and Loveline


Every Tuesday, Philly2Philly will offer a recap on the latest episode of "The Bachelor." And who better than to give her insights than our very own Helene Eksterowicz! As most of you know, Helene was the winner of Season 2 of "The Bachelor." Helene will give her opinions as well as some advice for the contestants as they vie for the affections of Brad Womack throughout out the next several weeks.

And we want YOU to get involved too!  Feel free to offer your comments at the bottom of the page, or email Helene at helene@philly2philly.com 

The fourth episode of ‘Bachelor 15’ starts with Michelle waking up mysteriously with a black Helene Bacheloreye and using this to get some attention/sympathy from the girls as well as Brad. The girls don’t seem to be buying it, but Brad seems mildly sympathetic when he hears about it.

Brad and Chantal's date

Brad then takes Chantal off for their date to Catalina Island. He notes that he has wanted to take out Chantal for a while and that he likes her confidence. The date involves deep sea diving/walking on the ocean floor which upsets Chantal who is kinda afraid of the water. But in the end, she decides to get into the deep water with Brad (how ironic) and says basically that “he’s worth” taking risks for. Their date ends up with some champagne sipping on this elaborate beach set up which somehow includes a bed on the beach.I don’t know if things could have gotten more suggestive than that.

Brad notes that he can definitely see a future with Chantal and that they already seem to be acting like boyfriend and girlfriend. Brad definitely seems very comfortable around Chantal and I could see her easily becoming the frontrunner if anything goes wrong with Emily.

Meanwhile, back at the house....

Michelle is nursing her eye and desperately wants a one on one date. And if she doesn’t get it, she says that Brad may get a black eye. Yikes! Later Michelle is crying and confessing that she is getting obsessed with him, hasn’t been eating, and may have beat herself up physically during the night over him. I’m not sure if one can get more dramatic than that!

Group Date and 'Loveline'

Next up is the big group date, who will take part in the radio show Loveline with Dr. Drew. Brad'Bachelor' Brad Womack on 'Loveline.' tells Dr. Drew that he basically wants to know and find out who he is capable with and wants his help. Dr. Drew then asks the girls questions such as “Who has ever cheated on a boyfriend?” and Stacey is the only one who bravely admits to it.

Ashley H. also starts to stand out as she confesses to pulling back from Brad due to her emotional distress over his dates and connections with the other girls. Brad tells her not to do that or she may regret it. Britt also emerges from this date by admitting to Dr. Drew and Brad that she gets nervous around him but wants to get to know him. Later, after the show at the pool/bikini party, Britt and Brad talk together and shares some smooches.

Pool Party

Also at the pool party, Ashley H. shares AGAIN that she is stressing over the whole dating situation with Brad. And when Brad goes to present the rose to someone, she makes another statement. This seems to upset Brad. Brad then confesses to having a change of heart (maybe he was going to give the rose to Ashley but doesn’t) and whisks Britt away to present the rose to her for opening up to him. Later, Ashley says that she may have ruined what she and Brad had by getting too emotional over things. I think that she may be right.

Brad and Michelle's date

Lastly, the final one on one date goes to Michelle, who has been stressing and beating herself up literally to get a date with him. But on the start of their date, Brad takes Ashley H. aside to talk to her and Michelle and Chantal exchange some words. It appears that Michelle is getting upset that someone else is stealing her thunder and attention from Brad on “her day.”

While finally on their date, Brad and Michelle drive off to his house and get on a helicopter to downtown LA. They end up landing on a tall skyscraper where Brad explains to Michelle (who is afraid of heights) that they will be repelling down the skyscraper to the pool down below. Michelle is very nervous about this, but does it anyway for Brad. After they face their biggest fear together, they end up jumping in the pool and later having dinner. Brad asks Michelle about her daughter and her feelings on marriage. He then mentions he would love to meet her daughter. That tells me that if she doesn’t screw things up, Michelle is definitely in the final four. They later enjoy a massive makeout in the pool, and later Brad notes that he could see his day to day life with Michelle working out and taking care of her daughter. And that’s a lot for a guy with commitment issues! Lol.

Therapy time

After all the dates, he again talks to his therapist Jamie. Brad notes that he likes to take his time with dating and kissing. Jamie then tells him that he has to explore his connections fully, and that it’s ok for him to have different feelings for multiple women. Out of context from the Bachelor, that would be called being a “player” but for this situation, Jamie says it’s a-ok. I still find it’s kind of strange that he needs to talk to his therapist after each dating round. However, if Jamie is more like a sounding board or friend, then maybe I can see the benefit. But it’s still kind of strange!

The Rose Ceremony

Brad has to make some important choices again. During the party, Shawntel reestablishes her connection with Brad. Brad takes the frontrunner Emily aside with a basket of pillows, blankets, and champagne to try to recreate their winery date and share some alone time. This upsets the girls left behind- particularly Chantal, who ends up getting upset and tearful while the girls comment about it.

Chantal later talks to Brad about her feelings and Brad notes that he likes Chantal because she is not needy, independent, and keeps him on his toes. I don’t like that Chantal told Brad he is making connections with girls who are “emotionally unstable” because I’m sure Brad is starting to see that.

I firmly believe that its never good to talk about the other girls while in this situation. I never liked being asked about the other girls when I was on the show. When this happened I would try to avoid it, or offer up as little as possible. Truth be told, I feel it’s the Bachelor’s responsibility to find out this info on their own like they would in any dating situation.

In the end, Brad ends up picking Ashley S., Alli, Emily, Shawtel, Lisa, Jackie, Marissa, and Ashley H. (who barely makes the cut at the end). I think Ashley H. was one of the original frontrunners. But with all the emotional distress being put on a man with commitment/dating issues, I think it may prove to be a little too much for Brad.

Tune in next week as Brad takes the girls to Sin City, Las Vegas, where I’m sure things will get wild and crazy and more bikini/pool parties will be had!

Stay tuned!

Ex-Bachelor star and winner Helene Eksterowicz is also a co-writer of a dating/self help book called "Nobody’s Perfect" featured on Amazon.com  and Barnes and Noble  a few years ago. Drawing from her reality show dating experience, her background in psychology, and her belief in true love and relationships, Helene is setting out to bring some love back to Philly and help spotlight some eligible singles in order to hopefully find some love matches for others.

You can contact Helene at helene@philly2philly.com

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