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Boardwalk Empire Episode 3 Recap: Jimmy and Nucky Face Off at Dinner


In episode 2 last week, The Commodore was quite confident that Nucky was on the ropes and would be rendered powerless before long. After this  week's epsidode entitled "A Dangerous Maid," I'm certain the Commodore doesn't feel that way after their confrontation inside the restaurant. Nucky simply  won't go away quietly. Boardwalk Empire photo: www.oregonlive.com

Van Alden Returns After a One-Week Hiatus

Everyone's favorite scumbag and creep Nelson Van Alden (Michael Shannon) returns this week. Lucy Danziger is really, really pregnant and looks like she could have his child any day. And, she's also being held prisoner by Van Alden "per their agreement."

She wants to get out of this virtual prison (a seedy apartment Van Alden put her up in), but he won't let her until she satisfies her end of the agreement. Later on in the episode she is ready to throw herself down the steps, when a special delivery comes in the form of a record. This music saves her from complete madness. Even Van Alden can't take it away from her when he comes to the apartment to see her dancing.

Something tells me this won't end very well. Either Lucy will commit suicide or Van Alden will murder her before or after she has the kid. There is a brilliant, subtle, dark undertone to this storyline which the writers and director of Boardwalk are carefully playing up to. And, you know something disturbing will come out of this...

Al Delivers the Bad News to Nucky

Al Capone has a sit-down with Nucky and delivers the bad news to him. Torrio found a new supplier and is moving in another direction. Nucky pries Al for information on this "new supplier" and is told simply they are from Canada.

Deep down Nucky has to know that the Commodore is behind this, which is he is. Right after the meeting, Al heads over to Jimmy's house and they have some catching up to do. Al is in town to settle his father's affairs who just passed away. His father was a barber, which Al claims worked him to death, but you can see that this honest form of living was something Al did respect.

Nucky and Jimmy Square Off at The Restaurant

Nucky tells Margaret to get dressed so he can take her out for a fancy dinner. Once they get there the hostess didn't realize he was coming as he sees The Commodore and Jimmy dining at a table. Nucky doesn't give in and wants to get a table anyway.

Nucky eyeballs the table as he walks by and when Margaret is told they are out of lobster it's the final straw for The Nuckster who sees The Commodore chowing down on a big one.

He rushes over to their table and promptly throws the Commodore's expensive dinner on the floor and tells him it's his last dinner inside this restaurant and that he will ruin all of them.

Jimmy gets in Nucky's face and is ready to deck him when Nucky gives him the business about The Commodore. The truth is The Commodore is only Jimmy's father by accident - he just happened to pick his Mom to sleep with that night.

When Jimmy goes home he's asked how his Dad is doing and he responds "which one?"

Jimmy is playing the game right now to rise up, but don't be suprised to see him side with Nucky at the end of the day. He was always more of a father to him than his elderly counterpart.

One final thing to point out is an emerging character on the show - Owen Slater. He has a proposition for Nucky in that he wants to step up and provide some muscle. Nucky doesn't say anything and he thanks him for his time. Slater makes his first move when he steps in and refuses a liquor shipment, which is about to be delivered. Look for Slater to play a critical role in Nucky's battles this season.

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