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Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "Disturbing Behavior"


In last week’s episode, Disturbing Behavior, old friends returned and part of Stefan’s ruse was exposed.

Lost love returns: Anna made another appearance to Jeremy and revealed that she had been trying to contact him for days but could not get through. Anna explained that the connection only works if both parties are open to it, so she can only talk to Jeremy if he wants to see her. The two had a few nice moments together but Jeremy ultimately decided that he had to tell Bonnie about his visions and he blocked Anna out in order to do so.Vampire Diaries pic courtesy of CW.

Bonnie’s (finally) back!  My favorite Bennett witch finally returned from her summer vacation and landed right in the thick of it, as per usual. Bonnie’s reunion with Jeremy and her friends was sweet but all too brief, as she dealt with some witchy happenings via Elena’s necklace and Jeremy’s revelation that he has been seeing his dead ex-girlfriends.

Sadly, Bonnie did not come up with any solutions in this episode (and she accidentally gave Katherine the magic necklace) but once she takes a breather, she will no doubt try to figure out a way to help her friend and her boyfriend.

What is Katherine planning now? Katherine let Stefan see her in Chicago and warned him that she knows he gave her lookalike Rebekah’s necklace and that he should be careful around Klaus. Later, Katherine saved Stefan from a nasty necklace-seeking torture session at the hands of Klaus’ witch, Gloria. (Apparently, Bonnie is the only witch allowed to stick around for more than a few episodes.) With Gloria dead, her knowledge of the necklace’s whereabouts would remain a secret. After leaving Stefan in Chicago, Katherine showed up in Mystic Falls, posed as Elena to get the magic necklace, and decided to take Damon on a little getaway.

Damon is still the worst ever: Once again, Damon proved what an awful person he is by attacking other people simply because of his anger. First, he fed on Caroline’s father, for pleasure. Then, when Alaric dared to say something Damon did not like, Damon snapped his best buddy’s neck. (And Damon thought a drink and some chit-chat would make up for it. Guess again.) Add to that his fights with Caroline and Elena, and this episode was a combination of all the worst sides to Damon’s personality. One can only hope some time away from Elena and his ‘love’ for her will do him some good.Vampire Diaries pic courtesy of CW.

Bye, Bill: Papa Bill had a few secrets up his leave, including the fact that he is impervious to compulsion. After Damon’s attempt at compelling him failed, Bill showed up at the council meeting and threatened to reveal the truth about the vampires hiding in plain sight. He also had an idea about putting vervain in the water supply, neither of which Damon was in favor of.

Though Caroline managed to save her father from Damon’s attack, Bill left town still adamant in his belief that Caroline will never be okay again because she is now a vampire.

Rebekah calls Stefan’s bluff: Rebekah spent the majority of the episode trying to gain Stefan’s attention but when she finally got him alone, Stefan just wanted to talk. Stefan asked Rebekah about the man who questioned him back in the 20s but Rebekah remained silent on the matter. She did, however, tell Stefan that she knew all about his love for the supposedly-dead Elena and she asked him if he could ever love someone like that again. Stefan said ‘maybe’ but his kiss told a different story and convinced Rebekah that Stefan was not on their side. Once Rebekah told Klaus about her suspicions, Klaus decided he needed proof, so he took Stefan back home to Mystic Falls. Stefan has managed to keep Klaus from learning that Elena is still alive up until this point, but how is he going to keep him from finding Elena in her own home town?


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