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Amy Winehouse's father to write memoir, Former Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh dead, and Bethenny Frankel lost at sea?


Amy Winehouse's father to write memoirAmy Winehouse photo- www.people.com
Amy Winehouse may be gone, but she’s certainly not forgotten. And her father, Mitch Winehouse, plans to make sure that’s never going to happen.

How? By penning a memoir about his late daughter.

Papa Winehouse got the ok from HarperCollins to write the book that will be titled Amy, My Daughter.

In the book fans of the late singer can learn everything there is to know about both the professional and personal sides of her life. You’ll be able to read everything from her childhood to how she struggled with her addiction.

Winehouse isn’t just writing the book to let fans know about the singer, he’s also using it to help him cope with her death.

The book is set to be released next summer and the Amy Winehouse Foundation will benefit from the proceeds of its sales.

Former Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh deadMikey Welsh photo: http://news.lalate.com

You probably already know that Mikey Welsh, the former bassist from the band Weezer, was found dead last weekend in a Chicago hotel room. But, what you may not know is that he may very well have predicted his death.

Just two weeks ago the rocker wrote on his Twitter account, “dreamt I died in Chicago next weekend (heart attack in my sleep). need to write my will today.”


Welsh’s body was found Saturday afternoon by hotel staff when they checked to see why he hadn’t yet checked out of the room.

Right now there hasn’t yet been an official announcement about what caused Welsh’s death, although there is some suspicion that it may have something to do with drugs. An autopsy is currently being conducted. It may take several weeks to get the results of the toxicology tests.

Another unknown is whether or not Welsh ever got around to writing out his will!

Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel lost at sea?Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel lost at sea? Photo: www.huffingtonpost.com

Bethenny Frankel ran into some trouble last month when she and her husband, as well as some crew members, spent 20 hours lost at sea thanks to a faulty GPS. They were all rescued by Tim Russell, who helped to bring the boat and its passengers back to shore.

You’d think they have a lot to thank Russell for. But, no, their rescuer is actually causing them even more trouble thanks to his claims that the incident was actually staged for the former Real Housewives star’s Bravo reality show.

Russel swears that there was nothing wrong with the GPS, that Frankel waited to put on a show of kissing the deck until cameras began to roll, and that he never got the promised $2,800 tip for helping.

Frankel, however, swears she tipped the guy and that the incident was real.

Interesting. Who is telling the truth? We may never know…

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Winehouse photo- www.people.com
Frankel photo- www.huffingtonpost.com